The best Google Play Store tips and tricks for Android users

The best Google Play Store tips and tricks for Android users
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Of course, the Google Play Store for many Android device users is just a market to download and buy the applications that the user wants to get, by searching for the application he wants, then clicking on the word install and downloading the application immediately on the device. However, the Google Play application is full of secrets and advantages that we have already presented, by reviewing 15 hidden features that not many know on the Google Play Store. In this article, we will provide more tricks and secrets that you can use to take full advantage of all its advantages.

First of all, many people know that the Google Play Store is the main digital store for users of Android devices, which in the past was called the Android Store. When you open your application’s window, you will see an application named Play Store among all the applications installed automatically on your Android device. Many applications.

Thus, the step of downloading or downloading any Google Play application will be one of the easiest things. All you have to do, dear reader, is to use the search bar that is always present at the top of the Google Play application, just click on this bar and then type the name of the application you are looking for.

The store will show you many suggestions as you type, by presenting the most popular applications. If you do not find what you are looking for within these suggestions, click on the search icon. A list of results will appear to you, choose the application you want to show its application page, which contains a lot of information, such as the average rating of the application by users, a brief description of the application, and some screenshots in addition to user comments if any. This is definitely a great way to learn a lot about apps before downloading them to your device.

So what are the tricks that can be used in the Google Play Store other than the process of downloading and installing apps?

Best Google Play Store Tricks for Android Devices

First: The ability to try and redeem apps

because sometimes some paid apps that the user buys may not work, or the user regrets downloading the app when he finds that it is not useful enough. It is possible that he wants to retrieve one of the purchased applications, which he purchases by charging the balance of his own account in the Google Play Store through many methods, the most famous of which is the use of prepaid Google Play cards that are sold on some websites such as ar-pay.

It’s great that the Google Play app offers this feature, which enables you to buy apps, try them, and claim them back and get your money back if you decide later that you don’t want it. For paid apps, you will have approximately 2 hours to request a refund.

Second: The ability to search using the application developer

When you search for applications in the Google Play Store, you can use the search modification tool in the name of the developer so that the search results can be filtered and display applications that are compatible with their developer. This trick is certainly one of the most important advantages that many Android device users do not know. Also by using this tool, you can find out the developers who made the apps.

Third: Early access to applications or experimental applications

Sometimes users hear about an upcoming application that is causing a lot of noise but is not yet available to users. But through the Google Play application, you can check if the application is already available through a trial version, where you can download it and access it early. Knowing that the majority of experimental applications are weak and prone to crashes during use.

The Google Play Store gives developers the ability to offer separate beta versions of apps that have already been released, and these versions are often full of more improvements and new features, but they may not be completely ready for release due to some bugs and gaps that it suffers from, but the application developers are working to solve them.

Fourth: View reviews and ratings for related applications

Have you, dear reader, ever downloaded one of the applications that you reviewed well, and found that it made the latest errors in your device or suffered from a form of crash? Or maybe previous versions of the app were great, but their latest versions introduced some issues? Yes, app reviews can sometimes mislead users.

One advantage however is the ability to filter reviews and see only related reviews. All I have to do is go to the app page, scroll down to the Reviews pane, tap on the “Read all reviews” option, tap on “Options” on the right, and toggle on “Latest Version Only.” You can also enable “Only from this device model”, knowing that the older your Android device, the less useful this option is for you.

The best Google Play Store tips and tricks for Android users 1

Fifth: The feature of downloading blocked applications (outside the country)

Users often try to access an application, only to find that the application is not available for the country in which they live. This may be due to either the app developer or the agreement with the app publishers. Regardless of the reason, if you are in a country in Europe for example, and you want to download an app that only works in America, you can use a VPN service. The VPN service hides your device’s IP address, so you can easily download any application that runs outside your area. However, we recommend using paid VPN services as they are more secure than free ones.

Sixth: Do not add new applications to the home screen

If you hate installing new applications automatically and placing them on the home screen when you download them, which prompts you to create more than one main screen for your applications, you can easily disable this feature by opening the Google Play application, then go to Settings”, and uncheck “Add an icon to the home screen” located under the “General” page.

Seventh: The feature of re-downloading applications on another device

This feature gives you the ability to re-download all your applications in case of changing the device used since your Google account keeps track of all applications and games that you purchase or download. All you have to do is open the Google Play app and go to the My Apps & games option from Settings until you get to all the apps you downloaded previously, scroll down, and tap Install for the devices you want.

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