Top 5 Paid Android Apps You Can Buy With Google Play Cards

Top 5 Paid Android Apps You Can Buy With Google Play Cards

There are millions of apps on Google Play Store, but few of them are worth buying and paying money, and these apps are of high interest, they save your time, and organize your life, including what helps you listen to music, watch movies, organize your phone, or edit your various photos, and apps Paid is characterized by being free of ads that appear a lot in other applications and annoy many of us, so in this article, we have collected for you the 5 best applications worth buying on Google Play, which you will never regret paying money to buy.

To download these apps easily, at the end of the article we put to you the best site in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that sells prepaid Google Play cards, through which you can purchase paid apps on Google Play.

Poweramp music player

This app is among the best music-playing apps out there, if not the best. It is perfectly suitable for lovers of music and watching movies, because it supports the playback of all movies in high quality, and allows playing all types of files, to enjoy unlimited music, and the apps contains one of the best interfaces, also allows setting an album art, and contains many excellent sound effects, and because of All these features, the app is among the most purchased apps on Google Play, and it allows you to have a free trial for 15 days, after which you can decide if you want to purchase it with a paid version, which provides you with many additional features.


We are in front of a magic solution for everything related to organizing your phone, as Tasker app is the leading app on Google Play in organizing the mobile from A to Z, which enables you to send messages (SMS or MMS) automatically, or close apps that use excessive energy and make your phone slow, the app also allows you to transfer calls. In addition to all this, the app allows you to play your favorite music by simply connecting headphones to the phone, and despite the many tasks that it performs, it is not complicated at all, but you can use it with ease, and through it, you will be able to organize your phone wonderfully and comfortably.

Photo Studio Pro

Photo Studio Pro is one of the best apps that enables you to edit your photos professionally, and gives your blurry photos a lot of joy and beauty, as the app has more than 100 powerful filters, and excellent use of colors, and enables you to create amazing collages with professional custom backgrounds, The app also includes a tool for merging two images into one, Photo Studio Pro has an additional feature, which is to sprinkle colors and through it, you can highlight thes you need in the image, the app also allows you to add many different frames to images, and comes with a powerful image editing tool, it also allows you to write texts on images with dozens of different fonts, in addition to many additional features.


Netflix platform has become well known, as it is now essential for fans of movies, dramas, entertainment, and various programs of all kinds. What is distinguished in the paid Netflix app on Google Play is that the prices of the packages offered by Netflix are very low, if compared to the great fun that the app gives through the many existing offers. Netflix is one of the most popular subscription-based video streaming platforms. In addition to being a distribution company, it is also a broadcasting company. The platform has millions of movies, TV shows, and programs that will be available to you once you subscribe and you can then download and watch what you want. The app is designed easily and simply through which you can search for your favorite program or movie, and the app also suggests movie offers that suit your taste and previous views, and you can search on the app for the shows you want by title, genre, actor, language and others. Subscribing is easily done by purchasing prepaid Netflix cards from a site such as AR-PAY, which is one of the most important sites that sell Netflix cards in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

MX Player Pro

If this app is not on your phone yet, then frankly you are missing the most important video playback application on Android phones, and by purchasing a paid version of it you will be able to enjoy music videos, movies, and series as you wish No one regrets buying and using this app. It features all the commands to play the video like forwarding, backward, fast, slow, left, right, next, previous, etc. It also allows you the option to zoom in and out of the screen size with ease and includes a privacy lock, so you can enjoy a quiet experience of the app and watch your favorite movies and music. It also keeps huge amounts of songs and videos in its storage.

In the end, you will be able to download all these apps in the easiest way ever, which is to buy prepaid Google Play cards from the most famous site in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, AR-PAY, which allows you to buy prepaid Google Play cards, to enjoy downloading useful apps on your phone. The site gives you absolute security in purchasing cards, and customer service is available for you, you can communicate with it in the event of any problem you may encounter.

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