10 secrets you know for the first time about the Nintendo Switch

10 secrets you know for the first time about the Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch has achieved wide fame over the past few years and has become widespread around the world due to its possession of many features that make it suitable for playing anywhere, and in many different and innovative ways.

Now, let's talk about some of the secrets of the Nintendo device, which we do not think you knew in advance, these secrets can solve some lingering problems for you, or open some new horizons for you that you did not know about your Nintendo device.

1. How do you find your lost Joy-Cons?
The Joy-Cons of the Nintendo device is very small, so they are at any time liable to get lost here or there, but Nintendo solved this problem by doing a simple update, which is adding a feature to the Switch that enables you to find Joy-Cons arms Lost, by operating the vibration characteristic in them.

You can activate the Find Controllers feature from the Controllers menu on the start screen of the Nintendo Switch (the Joy-Cons must be charged in order to activate the feature).

2. Transfer of your personal information across various Nintendo devices
If you have many family members who love games and eventually had to buy separate Nintendo devices for each one of them, after you were all playing on the same device, you will need to transfer the data on the first Nintendo to all the other devices.

That is what Nintendo made in Update 4.0.0, where you can through the Users menu, the Transfer Your User & Save Data box, transfer your information and all files of your game progress from one device to another in simple steps, but of course you will need to download the games once Others that I purchased from the account on the new device.

3. Control your child's play with Parental Controls
Many children now spend a lot of time on games such as PUBG and Fortnite, and there are some children who can spend hours and hours in front of the Nintendo screen without food or sleep, and this is very worrying of course for any parent.

But with the Parental Controls feature that Nintendo allows you in the device's settings, you can now control the number of hours your child spends on the device, and what games are appropriate for him, and also control how he uses the device's features itself.

4. Change the geographical area of the Nintendo device as you like and at any time
The Nintendo Switch device is not linked to a fixed geographic area, and this means that you can enter any store around the world at any time, and download games only on these stores, such as Japanese stores.

5. Solve the problems of the device by using the Hard Reset feature
One of the secrets of Nintendo is that in simple times, the Nintendo device stops working, or the screen remains fixed, without the ability to control anything on it, but this problem can be solved in a simple way, which is the use of the Hard Reset feature.

To do a Hard Reset, press the Power button for 15 seconds, and the device will work again as you used to.

6. You can unlock TV via Nintendo with Match TV Power State
For a different and unique experience, you just have to run Nintendo or put it in the Dock, and the TV will turn on automatically.
But to activate this, you must synchronize the device with the TV by entering the Nintendo Settings, and turning on the Match TV Power State.

7. You can access Facebook from the Nintendo device
Unfortunately, the Nintendo Switch does not have an internet browser, but you can access Facebook in another way.

If you log in to Users, then choose the Posting to Social Media menu, the switch will open the hidden internet browser inside it, and make you enter the Facebook login screen, unfortunately, you cannot access any other websites currently,

8. You can connect a keyboard to your Nintendo device
This point is self-explanatory, connect your keyboard from any USB port, and you can play all the games as if you were on the computer exactly.

9. Archive your games, and don't waste them forever
If you are looking for additional space on your device in order to download some new games, do not waste the old games, but create an Archive from the game settings.
This option will miss the game, but the game icon will still be present on the device screen, and all the game files as well.

It is also worth noting that Nintendo sometimes archives games that have been paused for a long time, to avoid this, block this from the Manage Software menu in Settings, and do Prevent Auto Archiving for each game separately.

10. Buy games in an easy way.
You can also easily shop on the Nintendo device and buy games in an easy way through the e-shop cards for the Nintendo device and are available in the ar-pay store with the best offers and discounts via the following link:
Thus, you have learned some hidden information about the Nintendo device that may improve your experience in using the device.

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