5 important things that many players did not notice in the God of War PlayStation exclusivity

5 important things that many players did not notice in the God of War PlayStation exclusivity

Certainly, God of War game on PlayStation devices, whether on PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5, has achieved great and widespread success among PlayStation owners since its launch to this day, with regard to the genius and new story of the game, down to the distinctive gameplay and fighting style that made the hero character “Kratos” More violent than ever, and also the fun technical side of God of War with legends. However, God of War is among the best games in history, due to the main character of the hero, who has a tough and mighty presence in addition to the game's epic and distinct story.

While fans of God of War are waiting for the launch of the new part of the series for PlayStation devices, through this article we will provide some mysterious details in the story of the game God of War in the current part of the game, which may not have been noticed by many players, but these things reflect us depth The story and the precise details found in this part, which was published exclusively on the PlayStation 4 platform and then on the PlayStation 5 platform for the new generation, with its improved version.

First, the character “Fei” urges the hero of the game to cut down trees

When starting the game God of War, the hero “Kratos” cuts down many trees to carry out a funeral pyre for his wife, “Fay”, who passed away, and later we discover that his wife had personally identified these trees that Kratos cut down when she was alive, so that she was working These trees protect its home, making it invisible to gods and monsters. So it turns out that his wife pushed him to cut down these trees and thus destroy the protective barrier, which prompts Kratos to start his journey with his son Atreus.

Second, a mixture of Atreus' feeling of anger and pity in God of War

In the beginning, so that Kratos could see if Atreus was ready for the journey or not, he had him hunt a deer, and although he was confused at first, he succeeded in attacking the deer in the end, but he hesitated at the final and deadly blow because he felt feelings of pity on Weak animal.

While at another time, a dwarf attacked Kratos and his son, and after they teamed up together and killed him, Atreus began to feel very angry and sliced off the dwarf's body. Therefore, this contradiction between the sons feelings indicates the kindness of his feelings, but he sometimes succumbs to those feelings because of his young age.

Third: the secret of Freya's mantra

Kratos and his son meet Freya during their journey, who helps them through the protection sign that she has placed on their necks, and this sign is actually a true mantra in Norse mythology known as Aegishjalmur or The Helm of Awe, a powerful spell for protection and while casting the spell she uttered the word Leyna which means protection.

Fourth: Mimir Prison is the Yggdrasil Tree

The Yggdrasil tree in Norse cosmology is a large and central sacred tree, so it is not like any ordinary tree, and Mimir is linked to the trees roots, and no magic can cut the roots of this tree and make Mimir free.

Fifthly: the interaction of the weather with the sons illness

After the illness of Atreus, not only did his appearance change, but the world around him changed as if he was reacting to the plight of the Son, and this is very similar to what happens when Kratos kills a god, so it is expected that the world will react after Atreuss illness that he is a god. However, the story of the game clarifies that these climate changes are caused by the gods of the earth who are trying to prevent the hero of the game from saving his son.

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