7 new improvements and tweaks in the upcoming PlayStation exclusive “Horizon Forbidden West”

7 new improvements and tweaks in the upcoming PlayStation exclusive “Horizon Forbidden West”

After we reviewed the upcoming PlayStation exclusive, Horizon Forbidden West, in detail and in depth, which will be released next October 2021 on both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Despite the visual and technical improvements in the next part, Horizon Forbidden West, there are many other improvements and modifications that we have noticed in the game through the latest survey presentation of the game, which we will mention during this report to find out all the differences and new additions in the next part on the PlayStation platform. Horizon Forbidden West is considered one of the most powerful new generation games expected to be released on PlayStation devices.

First: a strong improvement in the facial expressions of the characters and the movement system

One of the most important improvements that caught people’s attention in the last review clip of the upcoming PlayStation exclusive, is the strong improvement in the features and expressions of the characters’ faces in the game, which are largely in line with the feelings and responses experienced by the character, through the details of eye movement and expressive facial wrinkles. Which shows that the game has a better movement system than the previous version. Of course we were missing these things in the first part of the game, and the characters were static and didn't reflect any emotions or expressions.

Second: The heroine of Horizon Forbidden West uses the claw and rope

The claw and the rope are the only means that help the heroine of the game called “Aloy” to reach the high places in the game and move between distant areas, by launching the claw on the edge that Aloy wants to reach, and then launching to it with the force of the pull, as we saw her doing in the clip The last teaser of the game. The player can also discover the areas where the claw and rope can be used, by activating the new radar detection feature.

Third: The advantage of the electronic umbrella

In the first part of the game, a lot of the time the player needed to have a parachute to help him get down from high areas easily and quickly or attack enemies from above. And it seems that the developers of the game responded to the desire of the players, as the electronic parachute feature was added as a new tool that the heroine of the game “Aloy” used to land quickly from high places and briefly.

Fourth: Adding smoke bombs as a new escape strategy

The game developers have added a new tool in the next part of the game which is smoke bombs, and these bombs can be used to escape from facing some enemies and powerful creatures that Aloy may not be able to confront and eliminate.

Fifth: Add the skill of swimming

As we explained in our previous article about the upcoming PlayStation exclusive, Horizon Forbidden West, the heroine of the game “Aloy” will be able to swim, as the new part of the game contains a section dedicated to exploring the underwater world and facing some of the enemies waiting for her below.

Sixth: Adding the explosive spear weapon in the upcoming PlayStation exclusive

In addition to developing and greatly improving weapons in the next part, the developers of the game have added a new weapon to Aloy's weapons, which is the explosive spear weapon, which is a spear that launches a temporary bomb that explodes moments after it is directed towards the target, and this bomb is sufficient to eliminate a large number of enemies.

Seventh: The possibility of using hostile machines

This feature is one of the best and most powerful new features that have been added in the upcoming part, Horizon Forbidden West, on both the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 5, which is Aloy's ability to control some hostile machines and use them in combat and roam the game world.

Finally, these are the most important and most prominent modifications and improvements that we have reached in the upcoming Horizon Forbidden West game exclusively on the PlayStation platform, but these improvements may not be everything that awaits us in the next part of the game. And if you are one of the owners of PlayStation devices, whether PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5, and are awaiting the release of the game next October 2021, we recommend you to use prepaid PlayStation cards from ar-pay and use them to charge your PlayStation account, and enjoy downloading the game Horizon Forbidden West as soon as it is officially released on the Playstation Store.

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