All-new season 4 of call of duty: Black Ops Cold War on PlayStation War

All-new season 4 of call of duty: Black Ops Cold War on PlayStation War

Call of Duty began testing on PC, video game consoles, and PlayStation in 2003.

It became one of the first war games launched, and this game is considered one of the games in which many developers participated. More than ten game development studios participated in its development, making it a unique experience for everyone who played it during that period, whether on the PlayStation platform or on personal computers.

It was published mainly by Activision with the assistance of Aspire Media.

In addition, all of these studios have participated in the issuance of more than seven major parts about World War II, 4 about modern war, and 4 others that are classified as black operations, including the season that we will talk about in our report today, which is the fourth season that was launched on video game platforms. And PlayStation in the name of Black Ops Cold War, and through this article, we will talk about all the new in this version on the video game platforms and PlayStation .

Find out all new about the fourth season of Black Ops Cold War on the PlayStation platform

With a statement from Activision, the company responsible for distributing the game on game platforms, including the PlayStation platform, she said that the story of the new season of the Call of Duty game will deal with many attractive ideas and its events will revolve around the Cold War, which was led by America, China, and Russia, during that era witnessed many diplomatic tensions between The three major countries in the modern world, which resulted in a general situation called the Cold War, occurred in which unknown assassinations and explosions were not announced about their perpetrators and other actions that indicated the undeclared tension of those poles.

Therefore, the events of the game available on the video platforms and PlayStation revolve around that dark era in human history, which makes it one of the most nerve-racking games and brings tension because of its patterns that make you enter the depths of that period as one of the soldiers of that black era.

Black Ops Cold War gameplay on PlayStation

All-new season 4 of call of duty: Black Ops Cold War on PlayStation War 1

This version of Call of Duty is the first to reach the PlayStation 5 and Xbox X, and one of the features of this game on the PlayStation is that it supports the cross-play feature across various platforms, including the PlayStation 5 platform.

This version of Season 4 is available on Game consoles and PlayStation with 5 new free weapons

This fourth season starts on the PlayStation with a new arsenal of weapons that is larger than the other seasons, and you will definitely be able to find them in the Battle Pass, and there are also three unlockable light weapons that will be available during this fourth season:

This game also includes several modes and maps such as

The presence of four multiplayer modes on the video game platforms and PlayStation

You can now get this game, which is available on PlayStation, and enjoy it and more games as well through your use of PlayStation cards through the ar-pay website.

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