Here is a list of the upcoming Deathloop weapons and zones on PlayStation 5

Here is a list of the upcoming Deathloop weapons and zones on PlayStation 5

Among the details that the director of the Deathloop announced during the recent press event regarding the upcoming Deathloop game on the PlayStation 5 platform, he spoke about the full details about the regions in the world of the Deathloop, in addition to all the weapons and capabilities available in the Deathloop, which we will list all in this article .

First: what are the regions that the Deathloop game consists of?

Well, Blackreef Island in the upcoming PlayStation 5 game “Deathloop” is divided into 4 distinct places:

  • The Complex
  • Fristad Rock
  • Updaam
  • Karls Bay

It should be noted that the player can visit the four regions of the island during different periods of the day, starting from the morning, noon, afternoon and evening, so the player will be free to stay at every period of the day.

Knowing that each period of the day is completely different in the regions of the island, which means that your visit to one of the areas in the morning is completely different from your visit in the evening, so you may encounter new things or enemies for the first time every time you visit the same area in Deathloop.

Second: What are the weapons in the upcoming “Deathloop” PlayStation 5 exclusive?

It should be noted that the upcoming Deathloop game on the PlayStation 5 as a temporary exclusive for the PlayStation 5, contains a large variety of weapons, namely: pistols, automatic and semi-automatic machine guns, machetes, regular and assault rifles, robots, pistols with silencers, as well as grenades, and finally Hackamajig is used for many things like hacking closed doors or distracting an enemy.

Third: What are Power Boards or Slabs in Deathloop?

The Deathloop game contains panels called Slabs, and these panels are like artifacts. These panels are given to the hero of the game “Colt”, and each one of them gives him a supernatural ability, including:

  • Reprise: It is a board that gives the player the ability to rewind time when dying twice, but when dying for the third time, it returns to the beginning of the episode, and this ability is very similar to checkpoints.
  • Havoc: This ability absorbs the damage that the character of the hero “Colt” may suffer, and gives the player the ability to transfer this damage to the enemies in the form of a devastating explosion.
  • Shift: These powers give the player the ability to quickly switch between the four island locations.
  • Karnesis: These powers give the player the ability to throw the enemy in any way.
  • Nexus: These powers make the player able to link the enemies together, which causes them to suffer the same damage and fate, if you kill one of them, the rest will die.

Fourth: What are the Trinkets in the Deathloop?

The upcoming PlayStation 5 exclusive Deathloop introduces news called Trinkets, each of theses has its own use, and theses are divided into two types, the first type is specific to weapons and gear, and the other type is specific to the skills and abilities of the game's physical hero, and the effect of each of theses depends on Rarity in the game.

First: Deathloop's Trinkets Weapon Items:

  • Crack Shot: This component makes aiming at the target faster.
  • Lightning Strike: This item maximizes damage on the weapon.
  • Shock Absorber: This item is concerned with reducing weapon recoil.

Second: Trinkets of the abilities of the Deathloop hero:

  • Double Jump: This feature makes the Hero double jump.
  • Creeping Death: This feature reduces motion noise.
  • Cat Fall: Reduces damage from falling Hero.

Finally, the Deathloop game contains a new called Residuum, and it is described as a “mysterious resource”, and this makes the player able to unlock a certain stage of the story, making him able to keep weapons, abilities and Trinkets continuously throughout the Deathloop episodes.

In the end, it should be noted that the Deathloop game will be released on PlayStation 5 and PC on September 14, 2021 as a temporary exclusive for the PlayStation 5 platform, so you can download the game on your PlayStation 5 as soon as it is available on the PlayStation Store using Prepaid PlayStation cards from ar-pay with various price ranges.

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