Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of Returnal on PlayStation 5

Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of Returnal on PlayStation 5

To start with, Returnal, an exclusive PlayStation 5 game, is a fast-paced shooting game that comes from the third-person perspective, and the gameplay in Returnal depends on starting from scratch every time the player dies while playing, and it is developed by Housemarque Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment on the 29th From the last 4 months of the current year 2021.

Although many see Returnal as difficult, annoying and perhaps boring at times, it is of course one of the distinctive and fun experiences, and the game is one of the difficult games not only because it is a roguelite game, but its difficulty also lies in the inability to predict the events that you may encounter. In the future, it is full of dangers, challenges and crises that may push you to make many wrong and bad decisions that you may regret in the future in the advanced stages of the game.

The game revolves around the story of astronaut “Selene”, whose craft collided with a dark and mysterious space planet called “Atropus”. The events of the game begin with the heroine trying to get out of this place in an attempt to remove the mystery surrounding her and get out of this nightmare.

PlayStation 5 Exclusive Benefits (Returnal)

  • In the beginning, the game's space world is very interesting and impressive for the players, as it contains the remnants of an ancient civilization, in addition to a lot of machines that protect the world, where the player cannot predict the events that he may encounter later.
  • The technical matters in the game are of high quality in an effective way in addition to the game performance is excellent, the visual and sound effects add a lot of distinctive details to the game, in addition to that the game greatly exploits the capabilities of the new controller for the PlayStation 5, where the game Returnal is one of the most reviewed games Features of the PlayStation 5 device for the new generation.
  • Returnal, like other developer games, is a type of fast shooting game that requires the player to move constantly to avoid explosives by moving quickly, and also depends on killing enemies without hurting your weapons.
  • In the event that the player is defeated, he returns to the start of the game again, but with the different arrangement of things around him, places and even enemies, which makes the playing experience different with each time the player comes back to life.
  • The difficulty level in the game is high, especially with regard to the enemies, but your sense of victory is excellent, which makes you quickly learn the style of fighting the enemies and leaders, which is one of the advantages of the game that offers more challenges.
  • The story of the game is mysterious and exciting, especially with regard to the frequent death of the heroine of the game, as well as the presence of many surprising and distinctive things in the game, regarding the story, the character of the game, or even the world that surrounds you.

    Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of Returnal on PlayStation 5 1

Disadvantages of Returnal game

  • The hitting technique using the sword is one of the drawbacks of the game due to the proximity of the camera to the screen, which makes the strike somewhat weak.
  • The game suffers from some technical problems with regard to speed and performance in some situations, especially when there are many and more enemies around you.

In the end, the game is subtitled and dubbed in an acceptable way, although there are some inaccurate terms, but you can activate the translation of dialogues through the menu, but the menus and dubbing within the game need to change the language of the Playstation to Arabic. Also, when defeating one of the bosses in the game, you will not need to fight him again when you die, and you will need to move to the next level. Due to the continuous replay in the game, the content is somewhat small, but the game is long and takes many hours to complete.

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