Learn our top tips before playing The Last of Us 2 on PlayStation devices

Learn our top tips before playing The Last of Us 2 on PlayStation devices

Although the developer of the game Naughty Dog paid great attention to the first part of The Last of Us 2 game since its first launch on the PlayStation, by providing an amazing story, great performance for the characters, strong direction in addition to many amazing challenges for players. However, the new version of The Last of Us 2 was more complicated in many aspects. So we want to give you some tips that may help you to stay alive as long as possible while playing.

Tips for playing The Last of Us 2

1- Don't lose a lot of time crafting when starting The Last of Us 2

Although crafting is one of the most important things in the beginning of playing The Last of Us 2 , you will not be aware of all the exact things that you may need, so you will find yourself losing a lot of your time in understanding and crafting a lot of things that you will not need. At the beginning of the game, we recommend that you only implement what is required of you at each stage, so that you do not waste your time and lose your enthusiasm while playing, and that you do the crafting process when you know exactly the things that you need.

2- Weapons must be constantly upgraded The Last of Us 2

The ammunition in The Last of Us 2 is extremely rare and scarce, so most of the time you will find that you only have to use one or two shots and they must perform the required task perfectly, so we recommend that you upgrade your weapons and increase the damage you do continuously. Using all the scrap that you have, it is a very important and useful step, because most weapons can kill many enemies with one bullet after being upgraded.

3- Stay on the ground in case you fall

It is possible that you will fall during the game as a result of being hit by a bullet from the enemies, in this case we advise you not to rush and stand again, because if you stand again, the game will stop giving you direct threats from the enemy, and thus you will lose the help that the game gives you through the line of sight of the enemy that Shoot you, so shooting the enemy from the ground will be better for you and less likely to be hit, due to the difficulty of shooting the enemy towards you while you are on the ground, so this mode will give you the advantage and the ability to eliminate them.

4- Always check the open spaces

In the second part of the game The Last of Us 2 there are a lot of large areas and open spaces, so we recommend that you inspect these areas continuously and completely through the map before moving on to the next mission, because you will always find in these areas a lot of junk and a lot of nutritional supplements And many other things that help you increase your abilities while playing, so take this opportunity to find these tools that are usually hidden in these places that players do not care about while playing.

Learn our top tips before playing The Last of Us 2 on PlayStation devices 1

5- You can break the glass while playing The Last of Us 2

Based on the previous advice on inspecting open areas, many players overlook the possibility of shattering glass panels in the game, so we remind you that behind any glass surface you can find a closed door to a store full of many tools and equipment that you may need while playing, or the refrigerator door that includes Survival needs. Knowing that you can break glass panels by any means, whether by using stone, lead, or any other weapons, but it is preferable not to use bullets in this task so that you do not lose your ammunition in simple tasks.

6- See Ellie's diary.

Certainly, when you read the memoirs of The Last of Us 2 heroine named “Ellie” it will help you to understand and realize her character and to know the extent of her development and way of thinking over time, so that you can move forward in the game. It is possible to find in “Eli's” diaries some of her thoughts and knowledge of her relationship with other characters, and some drawings and poetic writings. Overlooking her diary makes the player feel some contradiction in the character's behavior or lack of understanding over time. Her diary helps you to understand the character of the heroine greatly, to be in tune with the events of the game.

7- Enable automatic object capture in The Last of Us 2

Although this information may be known to many players, many new players are ignorant of it and follow the traditional method of picking up things from the ground. Therefore, we recommend that you enable the automatic capture feature from the settings. So all you have to do is just stand next to the things that you want to have and they will be automatically captured.

8- Use rocks and bottles in minor disputes

As we mentioned, ammunition is one of the few things in The Last of Us 2 game, so always try to save and not waste it in quick and simple disputes, you can use stones, bottles and jogging in quick disputes.

Learn our top tips before playing The Last of Us 2 on PlayStation devices 3

9- Do not bother raising the efficiency of melee weapons

Continuing the previous advice, resources in The Last of Us 2 game are very scarce, so we advise you not to be concerned with upgrading melee weapons, as you will not feel a great difference when using them in the conflict, and it is also possible that you find these weapons lying on the ground without the need to upgrade them, in addition to you You will not resort to it to perform basic tasks while playing, and thus make sure to use the resources you have in the appropriate way and do not waste them in upgrading simple conflict weapons.

10- You are not forced to fight all the time

Of course, fighting is the basis of The Last of Us 2 and one of the most fun things, but you don't have to go into fights and fight all the time in The Last of Us 2 . If you have few resources or low energy levels, you can simply use dodging and stealth tricks in an attempt to skip Your enemies without being detected, in order to avoid getting into fights where you could lose.

One of the ways that you can disguise is to use a weapon suppressor so as not to draw the attention of one of your enemies to you, which gives you a greater opportunity to kill a lot of your enemies surreptitiously, in addition to that you will not need to change your position when shooting, because it certainly has not been detected.

In the end, you can easily play The Last of Us 2 on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, and you can buy the game and get more upgrades and weapons by using PlayStation gift cards from the AR Pay website, which sells prepaid PlayStation gift cards at the best prices in Saudi Arabia.

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