Officially: We will see The Medium game on PlayStation 5 next September 2021

Officially: We will see The Medium game on PlayStation 5 next September 2021

After The Medium game was released as one of the exclusive titles for the Xbox platform in January of this year 2021, along with the PC. It is time to launch the game on the PlayStation 5 platform for the new generation, as it was officially announced the launch of The Medium game on the new Sony device ” PlayStation 5 ” on the 3rd of next September of this year 2021.

About the upcoming game The Medium for PlayStation 5

Initially, The Medium game is considered a horror game category, and was released for the first time on January 8 of this year 2021 as one of the temporary Xbox exclusives and we are waiting for its arrival on the PlayStation 5 platform, as it has been available on the PC since the time of release. It is developed by Bloober Team studio and published by Bloober Team SA.

The story of the game revolves around a basic idea, which is the presence of the heroine of the game in which the player controls two parallel worlds at the same time on the display screen, and this idea is of course new and we have not seen it before in any video game. The story begins in the beginning in an atmosphere full of mystery, with a simple and slow pace of events, which may seem at first somewhat uninteresting, but by continuing and progressing in playing you will find that the game offers you a lot of interesting places, as you will find many From messages that give you after information and exciting and mysterious puzzles, which push you to explore and search more to reach the facts and remove the mystery surrounding you everywhere. Therefore, from my point of view, the story of the game is one of the most interesting and fun horror stories.

The Medium's gameplay

The gameplay in The Medium, which is expected to be launched on the PlayStation 5 platform, is based on the idea of dual reality, which means that the player will control the character, but in two different worlds at the same time, by dividing the display screen into two parts. These two worlds are the real world and the other is the world of spirits. The main idea of The Medium revolves around the heroine's attempts to solve all the puzzles in front of her, taking advantage of the idea of being in two different worlds at the same time. Also, the nature of the puzzles in the game is well-balanced, not too difficult to solve or simple and too easy.

The Medium game is also based mainly on psychological horror, using classic horrors that play on feelings of fear and anxiety while moving and roaming, it is completely devoid of any battles or fighting.

Officially: We will see The Medium game on PlayStation 5 next September 2021 1

The Medium's graphics and music

The graphics in the game are very stunning and show many subtle details in the environments that surround you, especially the facial expressions of the protagonist of the game. The background music of the game is distinctive and charming, giving the player a sense of the atmosphere of the place in which he is located, and it fits greatly with the events of the game.

In summary, the story of The Medium is very elaborate and plotted, and the game contains a set of diverse and different puzzles that require deep thinking from the player at times, and the background music and sound effects give you a distinctive and wonderful gaming experience as if you are living the experience in reality.

Although the game has some technical problems, because playing two characters in two different worlds at the same time on the screen requires a lot of effort, as you can get a gaming experience with a resolution of 30 frames per second at best, but sometimes you may feel that This number decreases during play. But these problems can be improved later by releasing an improved version of the game. But in general, the game is great and will take you on a charming story adventure journey, making you immersed in it and trying to progress in playing and exploring.

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