Review of Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 on PlayStation

Review of Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 on PlayStation

The PlayStation is the most powerful platform for the battles of the highly developed studios, especially because of the huge and sweeping popularity of this device called the PlayStation that exceeds the popularity of any other video game device, so we will find one category of games on the PlayStation, containing many ideas that are presented almost monthly, so Although we will sometimes find that the games can be similar in their ideas and playing style, but the unique games remain tweeting alone in the PlayStation world far from the crowd of other similar games.

The similarities and differences in the partial game Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts on PlayStation

Although shooting games for PlayStation have a wide reputation among PlayStation and videogame games, very few games have penetrated the world of planning and silent atmosphere during random shootouts, and among those who did that experience is our game today Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2.

The new part of the epic game corrects many of the problems that players faced in the previous version of that game on the PlayStation, especially if we analyze the differences in the structure of the new version and the graphic techniques used in it, but at the level of play it is almost very similar to the previous version that was released Two years ago on PlayStation and Xbox, one of the defects facing the new part, unfortunately, did not come with a radically different style of play.

But when comparing the story in the two parts of this game on the PlayStation, the story here is noticeably better, but it is not radical.

The story in this part is available to justify what you will go through from the events and ideas of the maps, no more than that.

Also, the game on the PlayStation takes place most of its events in a country called Kumar, which is a fictional country, but it is located in the Middle East, whose political problems do not end, and this country decides to wage a war to destabilize the security and stability of the Middle East region and thus destabilize the stability of the oil market, so you have to eliminate those corrupt regimes To return security and stability to the region from Tani.

Review of Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 on PlayStation 1

Missions in the game and how to play on PlayStation

The anecdotal scenes while playing on the PlayStation leave good impressions from time to time, although they are not animated graphics, but they give an impression of life in the game that makes you excited to complete the next roles.

Looking at the maps in the game the maps are divided into two parts: classic maps, where you have to look for different things after walking a bit.

And other long-range maps in which we note the locations where our missions are required at kilometers distances, or we choose targets based on these distances.

How to play this part on the PlayStation

The way to play on the PlayStation in this game is somewhat different in your experience of long-range maps, because you have to play in sequence, you search for documents and sabotage all system devices, not only that, you have to determine the behavior of the guards and how to eliminate them in order without revealing your identity, and this takes Longer time, this game is on the PlayStation, the killing is not random, but needs to be arranged.

The distances pose increasing difficulty and challenges, because the longer you take, the easier your exploration will be, and the enemy can change its place from time to time, so you have to study the nature of its movement so as not to be surprised by sudden movements that paralyze you while playing this game on the PlayStation.

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