Review of the horror game Song of Horror on PlayStation

Review of the horror game Song of Horror on PlayStation

For all the fans of horror games, that make their adrenaline flow through their veins, interact with all the stressful moments of playing, and are looking for fun and excitement with new games that they want to skip on PlayStation, song of horror presents this exciting mixture by providing a terrifying atmosphere to dive into its depths and details More and more, one of the features of this game that is offered to players on PlayStation devices is that it makes them part of the experience rich in exciting and terrifying details and participate in the fight against monsters… Therefore, this game is a special admiration for all players.

About the game and its history on PlayStation

The first version of this game started on computers in 5 different episodes, and when it met with great success among fans of gamers on computers, it began to be released on several platforms such as Xbox and PlayStation 4, in which it restores the spirit of old classic games in terms of atmosphere and style of play..

The story of the game and the gameplay on the PlayStation

The song of horror has a few drops throughout the game which makes it a source of inspiration for others, although there are all the time blatant references to other games available on all PlayStation devices, this one has its own peculiarity.

The story of the game revolves around the investigation of a wandering writer who searches the origins of a mysterious melody for an unknown song.

Review of the horror game Song of Horror on PlayStation 1

This writer used to live alone in his house and the house around which the events of this exciting and mysterious game, now available on PlayStation devices, revolve.

After examining and investigating the reasons for his disappearance, we are surprised that the hero ends up imprisoned at the mercy of an evil spirit from the other world, and from here the events of the story begin to develop and complex little by little, and the events of the game become tense.

Review of the horror game Song of Horror on PlayStation 3

If you have previously played Resident Evil on the PlayStation, this game is very similar to the old school gameplay of this game, in terms of fixed camera angles and the way the puzzles are presented that are innovative designed to become complex and increase the adrenaline of the players, so during the course of the game events On the PlayStation, you will often have to search for more than one clue to be able to solve the puzzle you are facing.

But the only drawback of this game on the PlayStation is this repetitive pattern of solving puzzles, which sometimes makes it seem boring, which is a great detriment to the game's rhythm.

In addition to an annoying force that pursues you while playing, which is The Presence, which can end on you at once randomly, which also considers this force a source of inconvenience to many gamers on the PlayStation who consider it one of the negative aspects of the game.

We can summarize this review as follows:

The game is very exciting and all its puzzles arouse the curiosity of anyone to get answers to what he is looking for, as well, as it has many unique puzzles and a general atmosphere that helps to enter all the details of the game, especially that these details are rich and unique that attract any PlayStation player because of its atmosphere.

But the exaggeration of the complexity of the episodes loses the game a large part of its fun, and the exaggeration of the depth of the puzzles increases the chances of PlayStation players feeling bored.

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