Soon we will witness the Lost Soul Aside game on the Playstation 5

Soon we will witness the Lost Soul Aside game on the Playstation 5

After a long absence of the game Lost Soul Aside, it recently came through a new review by the game's developer studio, confirming the release of the game on the Playstation 4 and Playstation 5. This was the trailer for the game Lost Soul Aside, explaining the strong similarity between the fighting style in the game Lost Soul Aside with Devil May Cry's fighting style, which seemed to be taken from Devil May Cry especially when it came to weapons.

This review represents a re-disclosure of the game on the PlayStation 5, as the game was previously announced during 2016 from the development of one person called “Yang Bing”, who received more support from Sony to join the China Hero Project. Since that time, the developing team for the game has become larger and currently consists of 30 people, confirming that the game Lost Soul Aside is coming on the Playstation 4 and Playstation 5 platforms in addition to the PC.

After it was revealed by Ultizero Games that the Lost Soul Aside game will be launched on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 devices, the game’s creator named “Yang Bing” announced that the release of Lost Soul Aside on the PlayStation 5 platform will open up a lot of opportunities for players in China. He confirmed that the PlayStation 5 version will come, taking advantage of all the capabilities available in the PlayStation 5 and the new controller, “DualSense”.

This is after Sony announced the launch of the PlayStation 5 device for the new generation in China, starting on May 15th, at a price of 602 dollars, equivalent to 3900 Chinese yuan, for the regular version of the device, as for the digital version, it will be issued at a price of 479 dollars, equivalent to 3100 CNY.

As for the game Lost Soul Aside, the creator of the game “Yang Bing” stated that he did not expect the review of the game to receive this much attention, stressing that Sony will extend his help to work on spreading the game.

In the same context, when the game's creator was asked about the date of the release of Lost Soul Aside on the Playstation devices, he responded with joy and jest that he needed 10 years to be able to release the game, given that he was working on developing the game on his own, and after he obtained support from Sony The establishment of the Ultizero Games team, which now consists of 30 individuals working together on developing the game for PlayStation devices, and is expected to be launched soon this year.

It should be noted that Tencent acquired 10% of the shares of the developer of the game Lost Soul Aside, according to what was stated in its report during last February of this year 2021.

About the Playstation Lost Soul Aside game

At first, the independent Chinese game developer “Yang Bing” announced the start of the development of the Lost Soul Aside game and it is a type of hack & slash action games during 2016, but the game developer amazed the followers of the new project with the quality of the gameplay provided by its new title, as well as Rendering high-quality graphics built by Unreal Engine.

In view of this great achievement achieved by the game developer pushing Sony to intervene and help him in developing his next project and acquiring it to become one of the exclusives of their PlayStation platform, and thanks to this financial support that it gave to the game developer who was working on it alone, he had a whole team of 30 people cooperating Together to develop the game on a daily basis.

On the other hand, the famous composer Cody Matthew Johnson, famous for composing the games Devil May Cry 5 and Resident Evil 2 Remake, announced that he will compose the music for the Lost Soul Aside PlayStation exclusivity, through a tweet on his official Twitter site.

In the end, many PlayStation owners are waiting for the release of the Lost Soul Aside action game on both the PlayStation 4 and Playstation 5 in addition to the PC, so you can get the Lost Soul Aside game as soon as it is launched directly on the PlayStation Store by easily purchasing prepaid PlayStation cards online from ar-pay and use it to recharge your PlayStation account, whether it is a Saudi store or an American store.

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