Square Enix is releasing trailer for Final Fantasy VII Remake for PlayStation 5

Square Enix is releasing trailer for Final Fantasy VII Remake for PlayStation 5

Square Enix, the publisher and developer of the popular action game Final Fantasy VII Remake, has shared with us a lengthy presentation on the upgraded version of the Final Fantasy VII Remake for the PlayStation 5 platform, which reviews all the improvements and updates that will come in the new version of the game for the PlayStation 5.

Where the new version of Final Fantasy VII Remake for the PlayStation 5 will witness less loading times, as well as many improvements in graphics and lighting compared to the previous version of the PlayStation 4. We mention that the new version of the game will arrive on the PlayStation 5 on the date of 10 Next June 2021, and that this version will include additional content centered on the character of “Yuffie”.

About Final Fantasy VII Remake

Initially, Final Fantasy VII Remake is a popular RPG and action game, developed and published by Square Enix. The story of Final Fantasy VII Remake is set in a fictional world that is controlled by an evil company called “Shinra” that constantly seeks to impose its control over the planet's energy source, “Mako”. This energy is the basis of life on the planet, and without it, all creatures perish and the planet turns into a barren desert.

However, Shinra Company was able to collect the power of Mako through the use of some reactors, and built a city and a new world of its own over the clouds and this city is called “Midgar” and this city was able to enjoy a great technological and civilization shift, but all this at the expense of the suffering of the poor and simple people who are not They still live on Earth. However, this tyrannical power is being confronted by a group of rebels and mercenaries, who always strive to restore the energy of the Mako and bring it back to the planet again. So that this group begins to plan to destroy these reactors, and comes the role of the game hero, Cloud Strife, who collaborates with the Avalanche team to restore balance to the planet again and restore the energy of the mako.

As for the characters within the Final Fantasy VII Remake game, it is filled with many different characters in terms of their abilities, skills, and characteristics. As it is known about Final Fantasy VII Remake, the gameplay in the game depends on the style of role-playing, through the player's knowledge of the characteristics and abilities of each character in the game, and the choice of the character he wants to play with, so that the player will not be restricted to playing with only one character, but rather Can switch between characters smoothly during combat. Since each Final Fantasy VII Remake character has different characteristics and abilities than others, you have to study well the opponent's fighting style and method and know the weaknesses of each of them so that you can choose the appropriate character to eliminate this opponent.

However, team collaboration is extremely important while playing Final Fantasy VII Remake, which is well known for the Final Fantasy franchise. As you play, you can give orders to other characters to defend or attack, use their special abilities, or provide you with healing items that you may need during the battle.

In the end, Final Fantasy VII Remake is excellent, in addition to the interesting, fun and tactic-based gameplay, the game content is rich and widely accepted in terms of the number of bosses and characters, in addition to the main and side missions and events that exist during the game and the presence of many secrets in the game.

On the other hand, the music in the game is legendary as it is known for the Final Fantasy series, which makes the battles and spirited scenes highly epic, and succeeds in creating a suitable atmosphere for events, whether sad or happy. So that the game's music touches the feelings of its fans and works to attract new players.

It is mentioned that you can currently enjoy the game on the PlayStation 4 store, and you can also wait for the release of the enhanced version of the PlayStation 5 platform during the month of June, which you can get from the PlayStation 5 store easily by purchasing PlayStation cards online from ar-pay , Where ar-pay provides you with the surest way to buy PlayStation cards, whether in the Saudi store or the American store, in all price categories, in addition to providing all types of prepaid cards in Saudi Arabia.

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