Take the opportunity and try these games before the PlayStation offers expire

Take the opportunity and try these games before the PlayStation offers expire

The world of games is now very open, including the PlayStation world. The PlayStation platform is a pioneer in all ways because of its huge gaming empire over the years since it launched its first platform in the late last century, especially in 97, when it built its huge empire to compete It has Atari and Nintendo and has already competed with them and overcame them, so the PlayStation is always striving to compete with itself, each version has its own uniqueness, so the PlayStation has been tweeting in the electronic games arena for about ten years or more, until the fiercest competitor came to it, which is the Xbox, which shook The throne of the PlayStation Therefore, the PlayStation had to outdo itself in every new version of it.

Also, PlayStation has created an attractive new world across its platforms of various games. Not only that, when you follow the offers that PlayStation offers, you will discover that it almost sweeps all other gaming platforms with its offers, and this is what we will present through this article in the coming lines.

The PlayStation is now on its main platform, offering many very powerful games, some of them are 100% free, and some of them have incredible discounts until mid-July of the new year.

We will refer to some of them in this article, and others that you can follow through the main PlayStation platform that you can access from Google.

Games you should take advantage of and try before the PlayStation offer ends.


This game was released on the PlayStation in the year 2017 and gained very important popularity, bringing the number of its users to 250 million players, and it also won many prizes that deserve attention, and it is similar to PUBG in its kind. Those who love PUBG will enjoy playing this game a lot.

Take the opportunity and try these games before the PlayStation offers expire 1

Apex Legends

This game, available on PlayStation, was released in February of 2019.

This game is one of the famous battle royale games, developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts on Windows, Xbox and PlayStation.

This game is one of the very distinguished games because of its distinctive gameplay and unique graphic image. It is very similar in playing it also to the game of PUBG, but it is more distinct on the PlayStation than the PUBG.

Through this game available on the PlayStation, you will find many privileges that compete with Peggy and perhaps Fortnite as well. What is distinguished in it is that it is a building game more than a demolition game, which makes you collect building materials to build for yourself buildings, forts and others, in addition to the presence of new weapons in its third season that are considered more than lethal and have A special gameplay that makes you enter the world of events without knowing your reality, with the beauty of its attractive graphics and graphics that make you immerse yourself in this world.

Take the opportunity and try these games before the PlayStation offers expire 3

Rocket League

The first release of this game was in 2015 and after it achieved great success, it made two other releases.

In 2016 and 2017, it is a car football game which made its idea unique, crazy, and special at the same time.

Therefore, it is worth mentioning the development and publishing company for this game, which is called Zyonics, for its unique ideas.

Note/ This game is available for free for the middle of July this year 2021.

You can now buy these games and enjoy more other games on PlayStation by using your PlayStation cards through ar-pay website.

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