The most important tips to help you play “God of War” professionally

The most important tips to help you play “God of War” professionally

It is known that the famous and wonderful “God of War” PlayStation exclusive since its first release in 2005 continued to enjoy us greatly in a long journey of continuous development by the game developers, and with the new and improved version that was released specifically for the PlayStation 5 in February The last, until PlayStation 5 owners get the best performance and story of the game.

In light of the improvements and additions that Sony has added to the game God of War in its final part of various missions and more fun and excitement, in addition to more details and complex puzzles of the game, we will present through this article the most important tips and secrets that help you achieve rapid progress in the game and enjoy With a more professional gaming experience.

First: destroy everything you see in front of you

If you are a God of War player, definitely you know that the main currency in the game is the Hacksilver currency, which is the currency with which you can get all the extras and rewards you need while playing as well as upgrade your weapons. You can get this currency from boxes, vases, and anything that can be broken in the game, and although these coins may be few, they are undoubtedly useful to you, so we recommend that you break anything that is breakable to get these coins.

Second: Use the abilities of the son of the hero “Atreus”

God of War gives you the ability to use the abilities of the son of the hero called Atreus, so you can benefit from him more than just taking him on the trip. It can shoot anything in the middle of the screen. In addition to the possibility of developing the arrows and abilities of the son later, so that he can fight monsters and eliminate them. Therefore, we recommend you to upgrade Atreus' abilities and arrows while playing.

The most important tips to help you play “God of War” professionally 1

Third: properly understand the capabilities of the hero

The game contains many statistics that explain and evaluate the abilities of the game hero Kratos. Players can easily understand some of them like Strength which shows how strong a hero is. And the defense feature that shows its durability. While the rest of the stats may be somewhat complicated. Like a magic ability called Runic or Cooldown, which we recommend increasing and speeding up. While Vitality improves the health of the hero and reduces the damage from any attack. The Luck feature is for increasing the experience points of the hero or increasing the coins that he may get while playing.

Fourth: Pay attention to upgrading your weapons only

There are only two characters in the game who specialize in upgrading weapons and equipment, which you can visit from time to time to upgrade your gear. Therefore, we recommend that you make sure of the type of weapon you want to upgrade before performing this process, so that you do not lose your money in upgrading weapons that may not benefit you during the game.

The most important tips to help you play “God of War” professionally 3

Fifth: Attention to side tasks

Your primary interest in the progression of the story and reaching your main goal is sure to be an important and necessary commitment to while playing the game. But the implementation of the side missions will add more fun and excitement to play, as well as provide you with many rewards and upgrades that improve your performance and weapons, in addition to it will quickly increase your experience points, giving you more abilities and capabilities in a short time.

Sixth: Get rid of your old equipment

Of course, during the game you will get a lot of weapons and equipment, so we recommend that you sell old equipment and weapons in the stores designated in the game for some money, as they become worthless after using them in the missions assigned to them.

Seventh: Do not ignore the magical abilities of the hero

We advise you not to neglect the hero's magical abilities to destroy everything around you, use the hero's Runic Attacks to release energy large enough to kill everything around you, or use the ax during the fight if needed.

Ultimately, you can use these simple secrets so you can play God of War more professionally On the Playstation 4 or Playstation 5, and enjoy more rewards and upgrades for the abilities of the hero or the equipment he uses. You can download God of War from the PlayStation Store by purchasing PlayStation cards online from ar-pay , which provides you with the best and surest way to buy prepaid cards in Saudi Arabia.

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