The official announcement of the launch of Forspoken on PlayStation 5

The official announcement of the launch of Forspoken on PlayStation 5

According to what was previously mentioned in some reports, Square Enix, in cooperation with the studio Luminous Productions, is secretly working on a new title called Project Athia, which is a new game exclusive to the PlayStation 5 platform, and this game was expected to be Final Fantasy 16 according to many expectations. However, Square Enix announced over the past few hours that the anticipated new title, called Forspoken, will be released on the Playstation 5 and PC in 2022 next year. However, a final release date for the game has not yet been announced.

While the upcoming game was intended to be exclusive to the PlayStation 5 for two years – as a home device – after Sony had made some exclusive agreements with third-party companies such as Bethesda and Square Enix, which we are talking about. This is to ensure development of the upcoming Project Athia project for the upcoming Forspoken game.

So that Sony has published a teaser show for the upcoming titles exclusively on its new generation console for its video games “PlayStation 5”, and during this presentation it was revealed that the next Project Athia project will be among the PlayStation 5 exclusives for two years, that is, for two years from the date of issuance. The game is on the PlayStation 5, then the game will be released to any other gaming platform. So Xbox owners have to wait two years to get the game.

We recall that this video touched on some of the titles of the exclusive Bethesda company on the PlayStation 5 platform, such as Deathloop and Ghostwire, stressing that these games will not be released on any other home platform except for the PlayStation 5 until a year after the date of release.

It should be noted that these games will definitely be released on computers, and that this agreement, as is clear, is only for home appliances exclusive.

The official announcement of the launch of Forspoken on PlayStation 5 1

About the PlayStation 5 exclusive “Forspoken”

According to the official statement for the upcoming Forspoken PlayStation 5 game, the story of Forspoken is about the heroine of the game called “Frey Holland”, a young girl who must use her amazing magical abilities to survive. The game takes place in a fictional world on a land full of dangers and difficult and cruel challenges, which is called “Athena”. Where the heroine of the game “Frey Holland” must escape from facing her fate and face all challenges on a long journey through which she explores the mysterious world that surrounds her, and goes through many harsh experiences and overcome them.

The game developers stated that the Forspoken game was specially designed to take advantage of all the advantages and capabilities of the PlayStation 5 device, by exploiting the power of the device in terms of the power of graphics, sounds and the latest technologies and entering the world of the game, to obtain an unparalleled gaming experience, by integrating the latest technologies available in Playstation 5 platform and game creativity.

In the end, the developers of the game “Luminous Productions” confirm that the upcoming game Forspoken is an exciting and interesting adventure that depends heavily on the storytelling style. And they relied heavily on combining creativity and utilizing the latest technologies in developing and making the game. So it seems that Forspoken is quite promising, but we have to wait to see any new details about it so that we can get a clear impression about it.

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