Things you may not know about the events of God of War on PlayStation

Things you may not know about the events of God of War on PlayStation

At a time when many God of War fans are waiting for the new version of the game on PlayStation devices during the next year 2022 (whether on PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5), and after providing some special details With the events of the game God of War in a previous article, by reviewing 5 things that many players did not notice in the exclusive of God of War , in this article we will complete a series of details that many may not know about the events of the game God of War in the time period Between the third and the fourth part.

First: Kratos moved away from his son Atreus after the end of the third part

At the beginning of the fourth part of the game on the PlayStation 4 platform, many players noticed the beginning of the relationship between the hero of the game Kratos and his son Atreus in a lukewarm manner, due to Kratos' distance from his son in maturity. This can be seen during the conversation of his son Atreus with his deceased mother, and he asks her not to leave him with his father alone.

For this reason, Kratos did not know any details about his son, even if he could hunt or not. It is speculated that the reason behind Kratos' separation from his son after his birth was his belief that this decision was in his son's best interest. So as not to be haunted by his father's bloody and hateful past. However, in the end, both of them found that they had to live with each other after Fei left.

Second: Kratos’s feeling of regret for what he had done in the past

The fourth part of the exclusive God of War game on PlayStation devices came, explaining a completely different side of the character of the hero Kratos, as many noticed that when returning to the past, the hero made completely different decisions than he did in the fourth part. This difference is very much shown by his constant advice to his son Atreus from time to time, not to turn into a monster, moved by anger and hatred, as happened to his father in the past. Hisfull realization of the things he had caused in the past by violence, his seeing things from another perspective, his decision not to mess with the gods and staying away from them to the fullest extent, and guiding his son to the same path.

Things you may not know about the events of God of War on PlayStation 1

Third: Kratos's lack of confidence in all the gods

One of the most important things that the hero of God of War (exclusive on PlayStation) focused on and implanted in his son Atreus is that the gods cannot always be trusted, although the game did not deal much with the Norse gods, but the situation changes in the next part. Even Kratos saw all the corrupt things and dark deeds of the gods, even when he was a god, so it made sense that he should be the first to admit it.

Fourth: At the end of the third part of the game, only Greece that destroyed was

The exclusive story of the PlayStation “God of War” built on one fact that the entire world is not under the control of the gods of God of War only, and that only the Greek gods destroyed Greece at the end of the third part. While the rest of the world was fine, since each region had its own deities who controlled it.

Fifth: Kratos' fame reached the Scandinavian lands

during the events of the fourth part of the special on the PlayStation 4. It seems that the fame of the hero of the game Kratos has preceded him to the Scandinavian lands after the end of the events of the third part. This was demonstrated by Kratos when he found a vase bearing his image before destroying it. It was evident that this vase was made by hand by a Greek. So it seems that all of Greece knew who the ghost of Sparta was, and that what he did there had reached Scandinavian lands before he arrived personally.

Sixth: Kratos named his son after his Greek friend

When Fai named her son Loki, Kratos decided to name him Atreus, and during the events of the fourth part, Kratos revealed the reason for naming this name for his son, and it was revealed that this name was due to the name of a Spartan soldier who was under the command of the game hero Kratos And it is clear that this young soldier made a good impression on Kratos, as Kratos mentioned about that young man that he was full of hope even in the most difficult circumstances and times, and that in the end he sacrificed himself to save his friends.

Seventh: Faye hid her truth from her husband

At the end of the fourth part of the game God of War (exclusive on PlayStation), Kratos discovered many facts about his wife Faye and that she was one of the legends of Scandinavia and that her real name is Laufey, but Kratos did not know the reason why He made his wife hide this secret from him, although he told her everything about the details of his life and his past. Which may be evident in the events of the next part of the game exclusively on the PlayStation platform.

Eighth: The reason behind hiding the weapon Blades of Chaos

The director of the fourth part of the game came to explain that the reason behind the disappearance of Curtius's Blades of Chaos weapon in this part, is that it represents a dark period in his life and that it is an indication that he was deceived, and that he made a fatal mistake Bad deal, and since Part 4 was a new character for him, the best solution was to get rid of that weapon.

Things you may not know about the events of God of War on PlayStation 3

Ninth: Kratos spends most of the time in the forest to forget the past

Although Kratos has succeeded in forming a family of his own again, he has not become a man in the literal sense of his family. By spending little time at home with his family, he was all the time outside hunting in the woods. This is a natural thing because it will keep him busy most of the time, because his lack of activity and his lack of preoccupation with many things make him engage in his sad and anxious thoughts filled with revenge, destruction and blood. It was also a good way to explore the new lands in which Kratos lives and to discover the creatures and creatures that inhabit them.

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