Tips you should pay attention to when using the PlayStation 5 platform

Tips you should pay attention to when using the PlayStation 5 platform

Of course, there are many players around the world who today own the new PlayStation 5 from Sony, and if you are one of the owners of the PlayStation 5, this article is dedicated to you, we will give you some tips to help you get a wonderful and distinctive gaming experience, so that you can enjoy the maximum benefit from the PlayStation 5, these tips will avoid some of the problems that you may face when using the device.

1- The problem of overheating of the device

As is the case in all devices, the overheating of the device during use is one of the most annoying problems for the user, especially in the new generation of video game devices such as the PlayStation 5 that we are talking about, and although Sony has made a lot of efforts to solve this problem By adding a high-quality cooling system, not knowing the correct way to use the device exposes the user to this annoying problem, but we will give you important advice to avoid this problem.

You must be Considerate the entry and exit of air to cool the device from the inside, so you must take care to maintain the flow of air continuously during the period of using your PlayStation 5. You can do this by placing the device away from the wall at a sufficient distance to allow air to circulate in and out of the PlayStation 5 device, and we recommend that the distance between the device and the wall be at least 10 cm, making sure that the location of the device is open to allow hot air to be renewed and cold air to enter.

2- The problem of the small size of the PlayStation 5

Of course, the space of the PlayStation 5 is one of the biggest defects of the device that bother the user, and although the space for the PlayStation 5 known is 825 GB, the real space that you can use is only 667 GB, and of course this is a big problem, given that this space will not be enough to download More than 4 games only.

Well, we advise you, to constantly inspect your files and games and remove any unnecessary files or images from your PlayStation 5 space, so that you get the largest free space possible. In addition to using an external SSD to transfer game data to it, in this way you will get more space, and avoid the problem of deleting games and downloading them again.

3- Verify that the volume and microphone are turned off from the control unit

The new DualSense controller for the PlayStation 5 is also known to be full of new and distinctive features, among them the presence of a microphone and headphone that makes the user dispense with using external speakers with the device. But it is worth noting that the microphone built into the console turns on automatically with the start of the game, which exposes many to many embarrassing situations, so you should check that the microphone is turned off once you start playing.

4- Download games on the PlayStation 5

Although the new generation of video game consoles is currently among the fastest devices to download games, Sony has not provided a feature that makes players able to switch between games on the PlayStation 5, such as the Quick Resume feature in the new Xbox. So, use Game Center cards that make you able to continue playing from the area where you left off any game, quickly, without the need to go to the main menu and download the game again.

5- DualSense battery

As mentioned, the new DualSense controller has been greatly improved and developed, but despite the addition of many new features to it, it drains the battery significantly and fast. Despite the fact that the new features available in the controller are great to make you get the best excellent gaming experience, we recommend reducing battery consumption as much as possible. By stopping some of the advantages that you can dispense with during the game, and only some features and characteristics required by the requirements of each game.

Thus, we have provided you with the most important tips and things that you should pay attention to while using the new PlayStation 5 device, in order to ensure that you enjoy the maximum benefit from the PlayStation 5 and enjoy all its new features. It should be noted that you can recharge your own account on the PlayStation Store and download all exclusive and new games by purchasing PlayStation cards online wherever you are from ar-pay in the easiest, surest way and at the best prices in Saudi Arabia.

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