Will we witness the release of a new part of Final Fantasy this year 2021?

Will we witness the release of a new part of Final Fantasy this year 2021?

Of course, as mentioned previously, and according to Square Enix's latest financial report, Final Fantasy 16 will not be released exclusively on the PlayStation 5 platform before next March of 2022 at least. However, in case you think that this game is the largest project in the series during the coming period, you are wrong, as some recent rumors indicated that there is another new part of Final Fantasy coming exclusively on the PlayStation 5 during the current year 2021, And that this part is under development at the present time.

And that is according to what was reported by the famous leaker Navtra, who believed many of his rumors in the recent period, the most important of which is the announcement of the next part of the Final Fantasy 16 series exclusively on the PlayStation 5, which confirms the validity of his words about the release of a new part coming on the PlayStation 5 during the year The current 2021 is under development, according to the E3 2021 exhibition by the Japanese publisher.

According to Square Enix's recent financial report, Final Fantasy 16, which was announced next year 2022 exclusively on PlayStation 5 and PC, will provide a distinctive gaming experience that has a special character and flavor, by focusing mainly on the Gameplay style in the middle Ages, after it was clarified that Final Fantasy 16 is completely different from previous versions of the series.

“Final Fantasy 16” about the upcoming PlayStation 5 exclusivity in 2022

As mentioned, we expect Final Fantasy 16 to come with a new and completely different gameplay from previous versions of the series. According to what was stated in the trailer for the game and provided by Square Enix during the past months, we can expect and read a lot of things about the upcoming Square Enix project for the PlayStation 5.

Among the things that were revealed during the trailer for the upcoming PlayStation 5 exclusive, we see that Final Fantasy 16 takes a more realistic approach in many aspects, in terms of landscapes, buildings and character designs that take a less pleasant character than we are used to in previous versions of the series . In addition to the presence of many scenes of violence and blood in an unusual way in the previous parts. Therefore, we expect that we will witness a typical new story about the well-known RPG gameplay, which we expect will present us with an endless fictional series of events.

As for the fighting style in the upcoming Final Fantasy 16 game on the PlayStation 5, it seems that it is similar to the famous Kingdom Hearts game, where the fighting style takes a lot of float in the air, so we expect the fighting to be unique to the far limits, as a result of the combination of fantasy style In combat and realism style known for the new part.

Final Fantasy 16 game story

Unfortunately, what is known about the story of the famous Final Fantasy game, which is characterized by its long and sometimes exhausting stories. According to what we found in the trailer for the game, we find that we are about to see another huge and sprawling story that takes its characters to all parts of the mysterious game. However, when it comes to traveling in game worlds, magic crystals, and changing history, it is clear that we are on the cusp of a new story with the famous Final Fantasy game characteristic that game fans have become accustomed to over the past releases.

Of course, the length of Final Fantasy’s story does not mean that it is not exciting and suspenseful, but rather that the game lacks the of speed in telling the story, which makes the process of understanding the story somewhat tedious. But this is one of Square Enix's goals, to get the player fully immersed in the world of the story. Therefore, it seems that Final Fantasy 16, coming on the Playstation 5 and PC, is a promising game in general that makes us always expect to know anything new about it, whether about the gameplay or the story of the game. And if you are a PlayStation 5 owner and are waiting for the game to be released on the PlayStation Store, we recommend that you purchase prepaid PlayStation cards from ar-pay and use them to charge your PlayStation account to download Final Fantasy 16 as soon as it is released on PlayStation Store.

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