Confirmation of the release of an Xbox exclusive “Halo Infinite” at the end of the year 2021

Confirmation of the release of an Xbox exclusive “Halo Infinite” at the end of the year 2021

Since the beginning of March of this year 2021, there are many details that are revealed about the upcoming Halo Infinite game on Xbox devices, and after the game's release was previously postponed, the date for the final Halo Infinite release has been confirmed during the month of next November of this year 2021 Exclusively on the Xbox platform, according to a member of the Halo Infinite team.

Microsoft's justification for postponing the previous game, in cooperation with 343 Industries, was that they decided to give the game more time to work on developing and improving it so that it becomes the way the players hope. According to what was reported recently by the actor Verlon Roberts, who participated in the voice and movement in the game, that the game will provide a more accurate launch window, confirming that Halo Infinite will be released during next November of this year 2021 on the Xbox platform.

In the same interview with actor Verlon Roberts, he stated that he plays Spartan Griffin and that this character is in the Shadow of Reach novel, but this character has not previously appeared in the game Halo until this time and it has not been officially confirmed about its appearance in the next release until the present time. .

However, according to what Verlon Roberts has stated that he performs action scenes with the actor, Master Chief, and that Spartan Griffin will also appear with Master Chief in the first-person scenes when the game's launch date arrives on the Xbox One and Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

Details on the Xbox exclusive “Halo Infinite”

The upcoming game on Xbox Halo Infinite got a new blog reviewing the development of the upcoming Halo Infinite game, but the team developing the game this time focused mainly on the acoustics aspect of the game. He explained that he is making a great effort with regard to the audio aspect and that the game will be the first game to support virtual surround sound from Dolby Atmos, and this feature is what will give the player the feeling that the sound source is coming from the top or from the back only when wearing stereo headphones.

This is due to the fact that the upcoming release of Halo Infinite is one of the biggest parts of the game, so that the team decided from the beginning that the size of the game's album should range between three to four hours, and that in relation to the story phase only, without looking at the multiplayer phase. The developer team also added that there are 3 composers working on this game: Orchestra Gareth Coker, Curtis Schweitzer, and Sound Producer Joel Corelitz.

The game's developer studio mentioned that there are other aspects of the game in relation to the mechanics of the day and night sequence in the game and what it speaks to the enemies. For example, when you move to the dark world in the game, you will see the Phantom patrols moving in space using searchlights, which adds more terror to the game's events. The game also pays great attention to the graphics in the game during the night, as we notice that the shields of the enemies reflect the light falling on them beautifully, giving the game aesthetics and accuracy in details.

The game developer team also explained that they were inspired by the idea of the open world in Halo Infinite from the task of the Silent Cartographer from the original Halo game, by giving the player the freedom to choose the way in which he will deal with each task in the game, in terms of choosing weapons, cars, and others. As well as adding more new areas in the game such as highlands, swamps and other places affected by wars.

In the end, if you are an Xbox owner and are waiting for the release of the Halo Infinite game, it will be officially available during the month of November 2021, and you can get it and download it from the Xbox store by purchasing prepaid Xbox cards online and easily from ar-pay , where ar-pay provides you with all types of prepaid cards online from anywhere in Saudi Arabia at the best prices.

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