official: Most of the Bethesda games are coming exclusively to Xbox

official: Most of the Bethesda games are coming exclusively to Xbox

According to the events of E3 2021, it has become certain that the majority of the upcoming Bethesda games – and we can say that all of them – will be released exclusively on the Xbox and PC platform, completely ignoring the PlayStation platform. This is after Microsoft recently acquired Bethesda Publishing Company. The Bethesda company expects that this move will greatly help them to introduce many new and unique titles.

Bethesda executive producer Todd Howard confirmed that the company's strategy of allocating new titles to the Xbox and PC platform is not for the purpose of excluding players, but they wanted to focus and choose the platforms they want to work on, because this step will help them greatly. To provide the best. By focusing on the Xbox and PC platform, and providing more quality and accurate games than before.

Thus, Todd Howard's statements confirmed that Bethesda completely ignored the PlayStation platform, with the exception of previously announced games such as Deathloop. The company is also expected to adopt its strategy in releasing games from the first day of launch for Xbox Game Pass.

Starfield is Bethesda's most important Xbox exclusive title

Starfield topped the opening teaser of the Xbox conference with publisher Bethesda, during the events of the last E3 2021 exhibition a few days ago. It was officially revealed that the game will be released exclusively on the Xbox and PC platform, which is on November 11, 2022. It was confirmed that the game will be playable from a first-person and third-person perspective like the rest of the publisher’s well-known games, where the game is similar to Skyrim .

Todd Howard also confirmed that Starfield will be more in-depth on the RPGs they previously introduced. It also has a large number of great character systems.

About the story of Starfield

The game takes place between the stars, where the player creates his own virtual character through which he freely explores the world around him, using the power of new generation technology based on the Creation Engine 2. The upcoming Xbox exclusive Starfield takes you on an adventure through space And you have to search and explore for a long time to find a solution to all the questions and remove the mystery that surrounds you.

Since the game is the first game to use the Creation Engine 2, Bethesda confirmed that Starfield will revolutionize the graphics and graphics when compared to other companies' games.

Confront a group of aliens

Todd Howard confirmed that Starfield will bring a variety of creatures into space. But it has not yet been officially revealed any specific details about this matter, except for the presence of creatures and extraterrestrials, but it is clear that Bethesda, as Todd Howard stated, is greatly seeking to deepen thes of the RPG in the game compared to other titles.

Will interplanetary travel be available in the Xbox exclusive “Starfield”?

During the game's trailer during E3 2021, a group of planets was shown, with a focus on a rocky planet containing a small building and a huge robot. However, it has not been officially confirmed about the number of playable planets for exploration, or whether the interplanetary fast travel feature will be available, but since the player can use a spaceship, it is expected that the availability of the interplanetary travel feature will be confirmed at a later time.

We note that Starfield will be officially released on November 11, 2022 exclusively on the Xbox platform, along with the PC, and will be available for Xbox Game Pass from the launch date. And you can enjoy Starfield as soon as it is officially released, and a lot of other games and features by charging your Xbox store using Xbox cards from ar-pay at the best prices in Saudi Arabia.

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