Officially, The Show 21 will be released on Xbox

Officially, The Show 21 will be released on Xbox

It has been officially announced by Playstation Studios that it will launch MLB The Show 21 on Xbox during the current year 2021, after the official cover of the Microsoft version (Xbox) was leaked.

According to a report by Sony Entertainment and the owner of the PlayStation device, the company made it clear that it will release the MLB The Show 21 game on Xbox, which simulates the baseball game, on the date of April 20 of this year 2021.

Thus, MLB The Show 21 will be available on PlayStation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and Xbox One on the same day.

The cost of MLB The Show 21 on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One was about $ 60, while the game will be on both PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X at $ 70. In addition, upgrading the game over the basic version from the previous generation to the current generation will not be free. In other words, if you purchased the PlayStation 4 version and wanted to upgrade the version, you would need to purchase the PlayStation 5 version, and of course the same thing when upgrading the game on the Xbox.

Advantages of MLB The Show 21 on both Playstation and Xbox

Sony confirmed support for MLB The Show 21, the cross-platform play feature, which means that Xbox players can share games with their Playstation friends by entering online matches seamlessly. In addition to the possibility of multiplayer play between all players on both the Playstation and Xbox platforms.

Since the game MLB The Show 21 is one of the “PlayStation Studios” productions, the game is expected to support all the technologies of the new PlayStation 5 controller “DualSense” by feeling every hit or grip and any contact that occurs during play due to the strong tactile feedback that enjoys It has a DualSense wireless controller, in addition to support for 3D audio technologies with a 360-degree angle built into the headphones that are compatible with the PlayStation 5 “Tempest 3D Audio Tech”, which makes you feel the roar of the crowd in the match while playing.

Officially, The Show 21 will be released on Xbox 1

A glimpse into MLB The Show 21

As mentioned, the MLB The Show baseball series of games is one of the strongest series of sports games in America. It was developed by Sony San Diego Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment and achieved strong success over the past years and was considered exclusive only for PlayStation devices, except for the part from the game, which will also be launched on Xbox.

So that last year came with the renewal of the contract between the game developer Sony and the MLB American Baseball Federation, one of the conditions for the renewal of the contract was that the MLB The Show 21 game be released to all gaming platforms, and then we actually watched the tweets of the official accounts of the Xbox and Nintendo Switch to announce the coming The game is for their platforms as well.

In any case, we must wait until we know what are the new features within the new part of the MLB The Show 21 baseball game and what are the most distinctive updates, and that the game developer has revealed more new features in the new version of the series in a live broadcast under the name Feature Premiere It consists of 6 episodes, starting next March.

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