The most popular RPG games on Xbox One

The most popular RPG games on Xbox One

Some Xbox One owners believe that it is designed only for popular games such as FIFA and others, while there are entire worlds of very exciting games that they miss, provided by Microsoft in RPG games or what is known as role-playing games, and these exciting games, there are many of them on Xbox 1, including action games, strategies, battles, and others. The player can customize the game in the way that suits him. He can also buy and download these games easily on the Xbox 1 using prepaid cards, available on several sites, the most important of which is AR-PAY, which is the first specialized site in selling Xbox cards in Saudi Arabia, and the safest.

And nowhere is a list of the most important games available for purchase with prepaid cards on Xbox 1.

Game: Diablo 3

Diablo 3 started on PC, and after its launch on Xbox One, the developers of the game found themselves on the throne of RPG games, but this was not by chance, as the game on Xbox One is much better, in terms of graphics and speed, and full of many features that make you spend time playing it and then come back to it again and again, the game is designed to support cooperative play between friends, which increases the excitement and suspense.

Developed by Blizzard Entertainment, the game has won critical acclaim and even set a record as the “Best Selling PC Game” by selling over 35 million copies in its first 24 hours, and becoming the best-selling PC game of 2012 by selling To more than 12 million copies, and by the beginning of August 2015, the number of sales of the game had grown to more than 30 copies. All these numbers made the game, before its release on the Xbox, maintain a large number of its fans, which increased its sales and made it one of the most important role-playing games on the Xbox 1.

Game: Assassin's Creed Odyssey

The most popular RPG games on Xbox One 1

Assassin's Creed Odyssey, available on Xbox One, is an action-adventure game developed by Ubisoft Montreal Studios, and the game takes you on a legendary and epic journey through Greek history, cruising across the Aegean Sea, to form alliances with which you can face your enemies, and the game gives you a great opportunity to meet Greek myths and legendary historical figures from ancient Greece that will inevitably affect your character in the game and even in your personal life.

The game is designed to simulate the civilization of ancient Greece, in the flourishing period of Athena and Sparta, in what is known as the golden age of Greece, choose your favorite heroes such as Odysseus and Hercules and start playing to become a legendary character, by revealing puzzles and fighting great war battles, such as the battle that takes place in the game between Sparta and Athens between 150 soldiers per city, use your navy in your battles to have an unforgettable experience.

The game has achieved a lot of praise from critics and fans since its release, as it sold nearly 45,000 copies in the first week in Japan, and the game is still achieving increasing sales in all countries of the world since its release. To purchase and download the game for Xbox One, you can use prepaid cards, which is the best way to purchase games on Xbox.

Game: Dragon Age: Inquisition

Dragon Age game developed: Inquisition, by the American company Electronic Arts, the game after its launch become one of the most popular RPG games available on the Xbox 1, and you play the game as a wise leader who controls everything and controls the rest of the team, to become a successful leader in the game, and achieve your goals by leading the team you have to develop your relationships and negotiate with others to win friends. The game allows the player to fully control his appearance, his followers, the formation of the forces that fight in the battles, the style of fighting, and everything related to the game.

The latest Deluxe Edition includes the legendary throne of the great horns, and the background features an exciting soundtrack, and the possibility to equip the player with armor and all possible war machines. The game can be downloaded easily by using prepaid cards available for Xbox 1.

Game: Kingdom Hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts 3 is an RPG game available for Xbox. The game tells the story of a friendship that begins between Sora and his friends, to set off on unlimited adventures, to pass together in a variety of worlds such as the world of Disney and Pixar, and Sora is a young boy and heir to an amazing power, but he does not know about it. In the beginning, Sora discovers this supernatural power and begins to gather his friends, Donald Duck and Goofy, to prevent the evil force called Heartless from invading and controlling the planet and spreading evil and chaos everywhere. Sora begins to unite and form an alliance between him and the famous Pixar characters to be able to overcome the enormous challenges facing him and his friends and begins his adventure to rid the world of the darkness that would fall upon him if a heartless force took control of the planet.

The game is available on Xbox 1 and can be purchased with the use of prepaid cards ease. The game is characterized by distinctive graphics, ease of use, and complete control of the game, as well as the genius soundtrack, and the love that exists between friends, and leads to the sacrifice of each of them for the other. In the exciting and interesting parts of the game.

Game: Monster Hunter World
The most popular RPG games on Xbox One 3

Master Hunter comes: World as one of the most important games developed by the Japanese company Capcom, which is available on Xbox One for purchase and download, is an RPG game characterized by unlimited suspense and excitement, designed as a world of fierce monsters and full of difficulties and challenges that the player has to overcome, where the exploration and research committee undertakes a very dangerous mission to discover the frost region, which is a region full of monsters and mythical creatures, so a great excitement awaits you with the beginning of playing and discovering what's new in the region, and the Monster Hunter World version came: Iceborne as a development of the Master Hunter Edition: World, and in the game you will meet many monsters, but the most prominent and most exciting is “Vilkana”, which is located in the frost area that the player discovers.

The game developers have improved the in-game hunting facilities in terms of movements and arsenal of weapons used, with improvements in the clutch claw’s movement and the unique wrist dart strokes in hunting. The Siliana area was established within the frost range to serve as a starting point in your exploration of the area around it, and it was provided with everything you need in the exploration of the necessary facilities such as an environmental research center, a resource center, and also a blacksmithing workshop to prepare hunting equipment and weapons, in addition to a steam bath that ensures excellent heating in the frost area Finally, you will be able to move around with ease within the city of Siliana because it is designed to ensure quick and easy navigation for players. You can download the game on your Xbox 1 with ease by using prepaid cards provided by some sites.

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