Will we see the popular action game Hades on Xbox soon?

Will we see the popular action game Hades on Xbox soon?

After the game Hades has gained great fame since its launch on September 17 of last year, 2020 on PCs and Switch devices, it has been hinted recently that the game will soon be available on the Xbox platform. Twitch launched a tweet on her official Twitter account, talking about the upcoming releases of new games on the Xbox platform. Among these games was the action Hades game. So we strongly expect Hades to be released on Xbox soon after the great success that the game has achieved since its release.

About Hades

As mentioned, Hades is an action and Hack and Slash game, which is a game in which swords are used in combat, developed and published by Supergiant Games on September 17, 2020 on PC and Switch.

The game revolves around a fairy tale about the life of the flaming-footed hero Prince Zagreus, the son of the god of the underworld or the god of the dead in Greek mythology named Hades. And who violated his father's orders to try to escape from the underworld and cross to hell, to find his mother while trying to escape, which he had not met before.

One of the most important features of Hades is that the story and its narrative style are very attractive and push the player to keep playing until the end of the story. The gameplay in Hades depends on the hero being constantly dying and every time the hero dies and comes back to life, he finds more and less frequent dialogues, in addition to discovering many new information on the details of the story.

Will we see the popular action game Hades on Xbox soon? 1

It is worth noting that the game's characters are almost real and realistic, by talking to you constantly about the stages you skipped, the reasons for your death, talking about the characters who killed you, and even making fun of you when you lose. Which gives the game a distinctive and unique character greatly, and that the characters that surround you are vivid and realistic, and that the dialogues in the game are not just lines that are repeated every time you repeat the play. This is what makes the game renewed and does not stop in one place waiting for you to skip a specific event to continue the events and the story.

As mentioned, the gameplay in Hades depends on the character's repeated death, and every time the hero comes back to life, he returns to the starting point again. But death in Hades is not like any other games, it prompts you to start much better than before. The game contains a lot of currencies that the player collects during the game, and each type has its uses.

To reach the end of the game, you must pass through many rooms full of enemies, and you are required to eliminate them all, and the more you succeed in eliminating these enemies, you will get more rewards. After completing all the rooms, you will have to face the leader of the region and eliminate him before moving to the next area, and so on until the end of the game.

Will we see the popular action game Hades on Xbox soon? 3

In the end, the game is legendary in all respects, as it is so addictive that it makes you constantly think about replaying so you can explore all the details and surfaces. In addition to the variety of weapons, characters and enemies that you face in the game, what makes the playing experience full of excitement and suspense and the desire to learn everything new and explore all the details that surround you.

On the other hand, the game is characterized by the availability of musical effects at a wonderful and magical level, as well as the great diversity of music clips in a way that is in line with the different situations and stages of play, where there is a quiet music and a fast rhythm. The graphic and technical side of the game is also excellent and very beautiful by providing great graphics and animation of the strokes. In addition to the highly elaborate audio performance, which added more enthusiasm to the game.

In conclusion, the developing team of Supergiant Games continues its successes by introducing the amazing Hades game, which Xbox owners are expecting to come soon. We mention that you can get the game and download it as soon as it is launched on the Xbox store by purchasing Xbox cards from ar-pay online wherever you are at the best prices in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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