Fortnite game features and the most important tips for beginners

Fortnite game features and the most important tips for beginners

Fortnite has recently become one of the most popular action games in the world today. Fortnite has become so popular not only that it is fun or unique. So there are reasons behind the game's popularity worldwide.

Fortnite is one of the games that has emerged in a big way recently because it offers a distinctive gaming experience and without any costs. This does not mean that Fortnite has not made any gains or profits in other ways. Where the game contains a lot of features that make it one of the most favorite games.

That is why one of the most important reasons that made Fortnite the most popular and popular game in the world. It can be accessed by users in an easy and smooth way. It can also be played on any gaming platform such as Xbox or Playstation, or through smartphones and computers. In addition to being an exceptionally fun game, it doesn't look like any other free game.

One of the most important features of fortnite is that it allows players to build castles and forts that protect them and help them eliminate the enemy.

Fortnite game features

One of the most important features of the game fortnite is that it contains a chat system between friends so that you can communicate with your friends while playing. Fortnite contains a large variety of weapons and equipment such as heavy machine guns, light weapons and many more epic battles.

In addition, fortnite game contains many events that greatly simulate reality. Like cutting clothes that change a character's outward appearance. In addition to the many high-quality and accurate graphics.

And the player can exchange the camera in the game Fortnite on more than one angle. Besides, there are statistics related to the performance of the players while playing.

Tips for beginners in the game Fortnite

First, move toward danger

One of the widespread methods in the game Fortnite to survive until the end of the game is the passive style of play. Which is based on avoiding fighting until the others eliminate each other. However, this method is considered one of the failed methods because the people who are left to the end will be professional players, and the process of killing you will be easy for them.

And thus directing you towards fighting and getting into fights is one of the best ways after you arm yourself in the best way. You will definitely suffer losses in the beginning more frequently so you can develop your skills and improve your shooting performance. This is so you can fight the pros at the end, rather than being an easy hunter waiting to be eliminated.

Second: Choosing the right weapon at the right time

There are a lot of weapons and equipment in Fortnite game, and it is best that you learn to choose from them before entering the game. So that the weapons consist of several colors that distinguish the strength of the weapon. So that each weapon radiates a specific color of color that describes its strength.

The colors are ranked from weakest to strongest, starting with gray, then green, then blue, to gold, which comes in the lead. One of the most useful tricks is not to collect the most powerful weapons, but to collect weapons that serve all situations within the game. By getting a weapon for close distances and another for long distances, along with a variety of bombs. So you can exchange weapons for anyone you kill while playing.

Third: Be yourself your own doctor

At the beginning of the game, your health meter will be complete, but without any shield. And after you obtain a shield, he will take in your place any damage you suffer. However, it will not protect you from some damages like storm or falls from high places.

You'll find loads of drugs and shields on the ground that will raise your health meter. However, it will not work once you pick it up, but you should use it after that, which takes some time. So you have to use it in a safe place, so that you will not be killed during this time.

Fourth: Be more organized while playing

Many players ignore the of organization or arrangement of weapons during the game. Organically arranging the slots for your weapons helps you save some seconds that may separate you from life or death in the game.

For example, when an enemy suddenly attacks you, you do not need to search the weapon slots for the appropriate weapon, or to draw a weapon that is not suitable for the situation, which exposes you to loss.

Fifth: I start the arming process from the moment of the jump

The place where you land is not the most important thing in Fortnite, but the speed of the descent is the most important. Because when you get to the ground faster, your chances are higher to get good weapons before the other players arrive. Besides you get more unarmed victims. With attention to avoiding heights and hills during the landing process, because they are the main factor in delaying landing.

Sixth: Depend on construction to defend yourself

Fortnite's build process is the main feature that sets it apart from other battle royale games. Not only in building castles and forts, but also in building walls and sloping surfaces during combat.

At the beginning of the game, you have to use the pickaxe to destroy raw materials such as trees, walls and cars to obtain basic materials that will help you in the building process. So that these buildings help you in protecting from enemy shots, in addition to that they give you the advantage of height over your enemy, and you can also hide behind them in case you are treating yourself.

Seventh: A steady hand is better than a continuous movement

During the fighting and shooting of enemies in the game fortnite fortnite, the movement of the player will continuously lead to inaccuracies in aiming at the enemy, because the common idea that the continuous movement will make you a more difficult target is not correct, because this movement will cause a lack of accuracy when Correction, which extends the time required in eliminating the enemy, thus increasing your chance of death.

Therefore, it is best to take the kneeling position and stop moving and focus when aiming until you succeed in the correction process. While in the event you are in a fight with a person in a completely open place, carry out the building process as mentioned, and use this building to shoot steadily while you are in the kneeling position to be able to kill your enemy.

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