10 secrets to becoming a professional on Free Fire game

10 secrets to becoming a professional on Free Fire game

Free Fire is one of the most rising games in the world of games, and millions of players around the world flock to it seeking to win and triumph over opponents in each round and every round has 50 players and there is only one survivor. And if you are a modern or old player in the Free Fire game, here are 10 secrets that will be your guide to a professional level on the Free Fire game.

1. Do not open the parachute early
Many Free Fire players make a mistake when they open the parachute immediately after jumping from the plane to reach far places, or because they think it is the thing to do and this is what many players do as if you open the parachute early, your way will be longer to reach homes or weapons, which in case One of the players arrived before you will seize the weapons and kill you as soon as you reach the ground … so try to reach faster and be always first in Free Fire.

2. Stay away from the big cities
Another one of the biggest mistakes that many players make in the Free Fire game is going down in large and wide areas that many players try to go down in. If you go down in these areas, you will have little chance of survival, even if you are one of those who trust their abilities. You will not be able to avoid many players, especially those who hide inside buildings.

3. Do not use vehicles frequently
Using vehicles in the Free Fire game will make you an easy target for many players, which exposes you to the risk of death within the game, which is what you do not want as you must use these vehicles only as necessary, especially since moving to a place, especially to enter the safety zone, and by using the vehicles will inform all the players around you of your location Which will make them wait for you to get out of it to be an easy target for them.

4. Armor is the most important
Shields in the Free Fire game are one of the most important tools for winning the game, so always try to search for stronger shields more than your search for weapons as they will be the greatest protection for you, which will help you to mitigate the damage if someone tries to kill you, so you should always pay attention to the shield and search for The best shields and medical equipment, keeping your life points always at their best.

5. Rush is your first enemy
This information may always be the most important in the Free Fire game, especially in the advanced stage of the round, in which you must always pay attention not to rush to obtain weapons or shields that fall from the “paths” as they are considered one of the most awaited targets, so you should Always wait and be careful before arriving.

6. Use headphones
One of the most important tips that help you win in the Free Fire game is to use the headphones inside the game, which is very important as it tells you about the places of launch and the sounds of the steps the enemy makes, which will help you greatly in knowing their whereabouts and their proximity to you, which is what you need in this type Of the games … Knowing the location of the enemy and its proximity to you to eliminate it in the fastest time.

7. Watch the minimap
If you use the headphones in the Free Fire game to hear the sounds and watch the minimap, it will be easier for you to determine the place from which the shots were fired or where the players near you are, as it helps you to know where you are always about the enemies and your proximity to them.

8. Move slowly and carefully
Running a lot and randomly inside the Free Fire game gives your opponents a big idea of where you are and your proximity to them, so you should always pay attention to your steps if you feel the presence of one of the enemies around you, especially in cities in which in many cases someone is hiding in it to wait for the appropriate opportunity to kill you … so stay away from it and try to Reduce the movement inside it, move with caution.

9. Take advantage of the right opportunity
One of the most important golden tips within the Free Fire game. If you see an opponent, do not clash with him directly if you are not sure of your ability to kill him, such as being in a far distance from him or if there is another player you do not know about, so always try to You take advantage of knowing where it is and monitoring it until you have the best chance to kill it.

10. Royal Pass subscription
One of the most importants of winning in the Free Fire game is charging your Royal Pass to enjoy an unlimited number of advantages. You can pass missions that give you special rewards of weapons, strengths, vehicles, and rare outfits that increase your chances of winning every round within the game of PUBG.

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And with these 10 tips from the secrets of the free fire game, your road may become easier to reach the first place and become the king of the island.

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