Free Fire game review and the most important mistakes that you must avoid while playing

Free Fire game review and the most important mistakes that you must avoid while playing

Free fire is one of the most popular video games in the world.
So that at present, about 80 million people use it every day around the world.

This game is considered one of the strongest competitors to the famous game of Peggy, as well as the game Fort Knight and many other games used by millions of people around the world.

Free fire game story

Free fire, a kind of Battle Royale game, was published by Garena Corporation and was originally designed specifically for smartphones such as Android and iPhone.

It is a multiplayer multiplayer video game that begins by gathering about 50 unarmed players together in one place.
Then they are transported to a remote island by plane, and each player has the freedom to choose the area in which he wants to land on the island by parachute.

Then begins the race to search for weapons and equipment inside the homes on the island and you can use cars.
If you want to enter the atmosphere of challenge and war, you have to choose areas full of players when starting the game.
In the event that you want to rely on a survival strategy and rely on a survival option, choose quieter places.

There are two distinct areas in the game: the red zone and the safe zone.

The safe zone at the beginning of the game is inclusive of the whole island, and over time, you receive an alert message that the safe zone will gradually shrink.
And that you must always move in order to stay inside so that your points are not reduced and your life is in danger.
So you have to be vigilant about these changes.
Because this area will continue to shrink until the survivors are forced to confront each other and identify the only survivor among them.

As for the red zone, which is within the safe zone, which you must avoid.
Because in the event that you fall into it, your location will be revealed to the enemies, which poses a danger to you and makes you an easy target for him.

And the game continues like this until at the end only one survivor wins.

And you can play alone or in a group.
And members of a group can communicate with each other vocalized through the microphone.
They can also provide aid to each other in case of injury and save some from death.

Weapons available in the game

You cannot purchase weapons and equipment from the in-game store to fight with them for your points during the game progress or for money.
As the game only provides you with some clothes and appearances in its store.

As for weapons and equipment, you have to search for them yourself on the island.
Thus, you may be lucky at the start of the game when you get the most powerful weapons or you may have trouble finding good ones.

The weapons in the game are as follows: AWM, Groza, M4A1, AK, M1014, UMPSG Submachine, MP5 Beat, M14 Rifle, SCAR Stabiil, USP Pistol, VSS Sniper, G18 Pistol, Eagle Pistol.

As for the graphics in the game, they are good, but they are not the best thing compared to other games.

On the other hand, the game provides you with many fighting modes during the game, such as standing or lying down and kneeling.
It also gives you the ability to run or walk with a gun or with empty hands.

This is in addition to your ability to know that the enemy is approaching you by hearing the sound of their steps.
However, the small size of the map is one of the biggest drawbacks of the game so that there are not many places to hide.
Therefore, the safe zone is not very effective during gameplay.

Things to watch out for while playing

First: You have to rely heavily on game sounds and use headphones, as the map does not accurately show the steps of nearby enemies.
So you have to rely on the sound of steps in order to be able to locate the enemy in case they are near you.

Second: You should avoid walking in the open spaces because often there is someone next to you who is watching you and who may kill you.

Third: It is best not to use the car in the game unless you are far from the circle or you need to speed up to reach a specific place.
Otherwise, it is preferable to avoid driving cars because it is possible that the enemies will set up an ambush for you and eliminate you.

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