The strongest characters in Free Fire

The strongest characters in Free Fire

After the game Free Fire achieved great fame, the game became very famous, and no one did not know about this game at the present time, even those who are not interested in online games have become aware of the popularity of Free Fire and the success that it has achieved since its release. The game is the first competitor to the game PUBG, which broke records for the number of downloads and users in recent times.

Free Fire story

The basic idea on which the Free Fire story depends, as mentioned before, is to fight for survival by carrying out all the tasks required to survive as quickly as possible, by playing individually or in groups.

The game begins with your joining a group of players from all countries of the world, and the number of players may reach 50 players from all over the world within the battle in a specific geographical area or the map of the game.

The game takes place on a large island full of plains, hills, cars, and a lot of landscapes, in addition to many weapons and equipment that help players in fighting and surviving. Events and fights take place between players until at the end of the battle only one player remains and is considered the winner. Through this article, we will show the best characters in Free Fire and the characteristics of each of them.

Free Fire characters properties

Alok character

This character is considered one of the most famous characters in the game and is classified among the best characters due to its characteristics, this character has the ability to supply blood through an aura that revolves around the character, and the thing that distinguishes this feature is that it lasts for 10 seconds and can be supplied All members of the group are blood in case they are inside the aura.

FORD character

This character differs from the rest of the characters, as it has the ability to exit the zone or the danger area during the fight. When you have this character, you are stronger because you guarantee your return to battle, as it is a strong character than other characters that are easy to kill.

OLIVIA character

Oliva is one of the important characters in the game, so the presence of this character in your team in the game is very important, as it treats any character with additional health points in the event that they are injured.

Laura character

The role of Laura in the game Free Fire lies in her ability to use sniper weapons, in the event that you enter a battle with fire and the character Laura carries a sniper weapon, be sure that you will be able to eliminate the enemy very easily.

Raphael character

One of the most important features that distinguish this character in the game of Free Fire is the silencer feature when firing and silently.

Andrew character

This character has the advantage of the difficulty of killing and destroying his protective jacket, since he is distinguished by not losing his jacket easily.

Tree character

One of the most important features of the tree character in the Free Fire game is its ability to hide and hide while fighting, by turning the character into a tree, so the enemy will not be able to distinguish it, as this character is useful for people who are good at methods of maneuver and disguise in fighting.

Caroline character

The character of Caroline is one of the most favorite characters in the Free Fire game, because the basis of fighting for survival is speed and withstanding for a longer time, which is the feature of this character, as she is fluent in using the Shotgun in a great way, lightly and quickly, which is what It gives you the advantage during battle and combat.

Antonio character

This character is distinguished by the level of blood at the moment of jumping from the plane, then it drops from the plane with a blood level exceeding 350, unlike other characters, as their blood level stands at 200.

Mokuo character

One of the things that distinguishes Mokuo in the Free Fire game is that it has the eye of the hacker or hacker, and this feature makes the player able to detect the opponent’s location when firing, so that an arrow appears above the enemy to show all his movements, and thus the eye of the hacker that this character possesses is able To reveal the enemy's hiding places, no matter how hard he tries to hide.

Miguel character

This character is distinguished by its ability to supply blood automatically, when you kill anyone, the blood level rises by half and the blood level doubles when you kill more than one person, so your survival with this character depends on your skills in fighting.

Adam and Eve

These two characters are among the famous characters in the Free Fire game, you are forced to try them if you are the first time to play the game, but they are considered one of the weakest characters in the Free Fire game and do not have any advantages, but when you enter the game for the first time, it is You can choose between these two characters to know the atmosphere of the game only, and then you can choose between one of the mentioned characters according to the characteristics you want and suit you.

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