Adding the shrinkage feature to the size of the insect in the latest update of PUBG Mobile

Adding the shrinkage feature to the size of the insect in the latest update of PUBG Mobile

Of course, the developer of the PUBG Mobile game is still continuing to support the game and provide more new additions and updates, by announcing last month that the two famous characters, Kong and Godzilla, entered the world of PUBG Mobile.

Recently, the developer of PUBG Mobile confirmed the release of a new update with new content, by officially revealing the details of the Traverse-Insectoid mode that was recently added in the latest update.

The new Traverse-Insectoid mode in PUBG Mobile

The new Traverse-Insectoid mode in PUBG Mobile adds a whole new experience to playing, by providing players with unlimited guided missiles, so that all players face each other in Traverse-Insectoid mode, by engaging in fast-paced battles filled with explosives. However, the size of the players is very small, which makes them try to avoid any risks they may take from normal-sized players, who can only hit them with pans.

Traverse-Insectoid mode gives PUBG Mobile the ability to use the shrink feature to make it smaller and turn it into the size of an insect. When playing on the new Erangel map, we notice that there are 5 strange laboratories ready to be explored, each of which has a mysterious transforming device, which turns any player it deals with into a small player the size of an insect.

When the player turns into a mini player, he cannot use any tools he has in his backpack, instead players will be provided with an unlimited guided missile launcher. They are also provided with the ability to fly around the laboratory. But players should be careful not to move too far from the lab so that they do not return to the normal size. Knowing that the player in the small size is not damaged by any normal weapon, but is chased using only the pan.

In order for the player to be able to move and travel through the map in a small size, he must collect the so-called “Energy Light” points, and these points will give the player the ability to use small wormholes. Each light gives the player 5 light points, and when they collect 40 light points, they can activate the wormhole and go straight to one of the other labs. Knowing that only a player with a small size can win it. The normal player can also exchange them for weapons and equipment for combat.

In the end, the main objective of the new Traverse-Insectoid mode is the same as the normal battle in PUBG Mobile, which is to survive until the end of the game.

Godzilla and Kong join PUBG Mobile

After we watched the artist Mohamed Henedy join the world of PUBG Mobile in the last update, the developer of PUBG Mobile collaborated with the heroes of the movie Godzilla vs. Kong, through the subscription of the most famous duo in history, Godzilla vs. Kong with PUBG Mobile, where players were able to face Godzilla vs. Kong as they travel through the different maps of PUBG Mobile.

Monsters have begun to appear in the various PUBG Mobile maps, at the beginning of each battle, these giant creatures will move randomly within any of the PUBG Mobile maps. Although they are not hostile to PUBG players, the gathering of players around them can irritate them greatly, making them more aggressive.

The role of Godzilla vs. Kong is attacking the Apex Cybernetics organization and the Monster Settlements, so that the Monster Settlements colonies contain useful supplies that the player can obtain after the giant creatures destroy them, after the players can defeat the hostile monsters first so that they can obtain them.

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