Types of weapons available in the game PUBG, and what are the most powerful among them?

Types of weapons available in the game PUBG, and what are the most powerful among them?

If you are looking to win and win PUBG, there are many things you must know. One of the most important of these things is knowing the most powerful weapons, pistols, and rifles, their types, and the uses of each of them, whether you are playing from the PC, the phone, or the PlayStation.

You need to use weapons and automatic rifles to eliminate enemies in PUBG games. Aside from the entertainment, the game contains many weapons and rifles, some of which are weak and some of them strong. So you must know the types of weapons and know which of them are the strongest to kill if you want to play PUBG professionally.

Types of weapons available in the game PUBG, and what are the most powerful among them? 1

First: automatic offensive weapons in the game PUBG

1- M416 automatic weapon
This weapon is considered one of the most powerful and deadly weapons in the PUBG game, as it is able to cause great damage, in addition to its ease of use in killing by spraying. So it is one of the best options that you should look for while gaming.

2- AKM automatic weapon
This weapon deals the highest level of damage to a single shot among all types of guns available in PUBG. Therefore, it is considered the best option for the person who is perfect at shooting, by aiming directly on the head. Where only two shots to the head would be sufficient to kill the enemy if he was not wearing a Level 3 helmet. So using it as a sniper rifle with x4 or x6 scoop is a good choice.

3- Automatic weapon M16A4
This rifle is considered the best sniper weapon in the game of PUBG because it contains an 8x scoop. However, with the update and release of the Xbox’s OS, we can no longer carry the 8x scope. That’s why it’s considered extremely powerful in single-shot mode or 3-shot firing mode, called burst.

4- The SCAR-L automatic weapon
It is the second most powerful weapon after the M416 weapon in PUBG, in addition to its power at the near and medium range levels. Although it is not considered as strong as the aforementioned weapons, it is good if you want to shoot cars when the M416 is not available.

Types of weapons available in the game PUBG, and what are the most powerful among them? 3

Second: Submachine guns

1- The weapon is a vector
This weapon is one of the distinctive weapons in the PUBG game in causing damage in the near term in terms of stability, but you will need an additional store of bullets because the shots run out in moments and you will have to refill it again.

So it is better to hit the target quickly before the shots run out. Thus, it is considered a good weapon in the short-range only, in the event that you have an additional magazine, and is not recommended for use in the long range.

2- UMP9 weapon
This weapon is considered the best SMG weapon, as it, unlike other weapons of the same class, can cause damage in the short and medium term. One of its most important features is that it needs 9mm ammunition, which is widely available in PUBG and is easy to obtain. Therefore, it is considered an excellent secondary option in addition to the possibility of using it as a sniper in the medium rather than the long term.

Third: Shotguns

1- S12K weapon
This weapon is considered a good choice due to its amazing speed of fire, and the ability to fire 5 shots at once or 8 in the case of using a large store. You can kill the enemy at a distance of 15 yards with ease. However, it has no effect on the long term or the wide areas.

2- S686 weapon
This rifle is not considered one of the most powerful weapons in PUBG to some extent, but it might be your excellent choice if you hit two shots at close range on an opponent. But it won’t be useful when you are faced with more than one opponent at the same time.

Types of weapons available in the game PUBG, and what are the most powerful among them? 5

Fourth: The Handguns

1- P18C pistol
It is considered the only pistol in PUBG, but it is not recommended to use it extensively while playing, as it is one of the weakest weapons compared to the rest of the guns that cause a lot of damage.

Fifth: sniper rifles available in the game PUBG

1- Kar98k rifle
This rifle is considered one of the best types of sniper rifles and the most powerful weapon in PUBG. However, the shooting style and nature of the bolt on this rifle, make firing more than one shot very time-consuming. However, you can hit anyone wearing a Level 1 or 2 helmet.

2- The MINI rifle 14
This type of sniper rifle is also considered one of the best types in PUBG due to the strong damage it causes, at medium and long-range levels, in addition to the possibility of using it at close levels as well.

However, this is not an automatic weapon, so you will need to press the trigger with each shot. This weapon is characterized by the ability to fire a large number of consecutive rounds, up to 5 shots per second.

3- SKS rifle
This rifle is the lowest type among the aforementioned sniper types, in terms of the power of damage it causes. It is not your best option to rely solely on to secure yourself in the event of a near-term confrontation.

Sixth: Light spray guns

1 – gun DP-28
This type of machine gun is one of the best spray guns that can destroy any car with only one magazine of machine gun 47 rounds caliber 7.62, it is considered an excellent weapon in terms of stability and strength.

In addition to its ability to destroy a full squad on the short and long-range levels. So you can use scoop x2 or x3 for near-range levels, or scoop x4 or x6 for medium and long-range levels.

Types of weapons available in the game PUBG, and what are the most powerful among them? 7

Seventh: Drop weapons

1- AWM sniper
This type is considered one of the best sniper rifles in PUBG in terms of the strength of the damage it causes so that it can eliminate anyone by shooting him in the head even if he wears a third-level helmet, or eliminating him with two shots if he wears a chest of Second Level.

2- M249 weapon
You can destroy anyone or any vehicle in seconds with 100 rounds of 5.56 caliber. And by using the red point scoop x2 or x3, you can destroy your opponents at the near and medium-term levels.

3- GROZA weapon
This weapon is one of the most important projection weapons, and it works with 7.62 caliber ammunition, and you can use it as a machine gun or in a single shot. It has an incredibly high firing rate, being able to do massive damage with just one shot. Therefore, it is very effective at the near-term level, although it is difficult to use at the medium-term level. Note that the highest mountable scoop is x6, as well as a flash hider and compensator.

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