Learn about the best controllers to play PUBG Mobile smoothly on smartphones

Learn about the best controllers to play PUBG Mobile smoothly on smartphones

Since PUBG Mobile has become and still is one of the most important games in the video game industry, especially smartphone games. It is attributed to the popularity of the battle royale games all over the world, as it offers an amazing high level of graphics and graphics that are close to reality to the maximum.

In addition, the game provides smooth and easy performance on all operating systems and smartphones, even phones of the middle class, the game “PUBG Lite” was released specifically for it. And since the developers of PUBG Mobile focus on constantly updating and developing the game, by releasing a new update from time to time. This prompted many players to search for the best new consoles for the phone, which gives them the best and unique gaming experience while playing PUBG Mobile, which we will introduce in the coming lines.

The best controllers to play PUBG Mobile on the phone smoothly

Learn about the best controllers to play PUBG Mobile smoothly on smartphones 1

1- IFYOO Z108 trigger

The IFYOO Z108 trigger consists of two parts, the R1 / L1 buttons, and the main idea of this product is to facilitate the shooting process while playing PUBG Mobile using the phone, as it makes the player able to more control the weapon and shoot more accurately while playing. As it gives the player a closer feeling than using the wireless controller of the home console for video games such as the PlayStation hand or the Xbox hand.

The trigger is installed at the top of the phone screen, and you start playing by choosing the command that you want to execute under each part of the trigger, because the commands in the PUBG Mobile game are controlled through the screen while playing. The advantage of this product is that it does not block the back camera of the phone as it happens in some other products. In addition, there is no need to use any electronic connections or use a specific application to operate it.

2- Flydigi Wee 2T controller when playing PUBG Mobile

Flydigi Wee 2T controller is one of the best accessories that you can have to enjoy the best and unique gaming experience in PUBG Mobile. The Flydigi Wee 2T Controller has a great set of features, one of the most important of which is turning your smartphone into a switch-like device for video games.

This product also supports all sizes of smartphones, whether they are small or large. Plus, you don't need to use any electronic connections that get in the way while gaming, but you just need to connect the device to your phone via Bluetooth.

This hand also has a USB slot so you can add a keyboard or mouse for more control while playing, but the game may recognize that you are using external controllers or that you are using a game emulator.

3- Gamesir Bluetooth Controller

Well, the Gamesir Bluetooth Controller turns the experience of playing PUBG Mobile on your smartphone into a gaming experience similar to video games on home platforms such as the PlayStation. Due to the great similarity in the design of the hand with the control hand of household appliances.

The Gamesir Bluetooth also gives you many advantages, such as the feature of feeling any stroke by emitting vibrations in the hand, giving the player a realistic and distinctive gaming experience. In addition, the handpiece is connected to the phone via Bluetooth. It also has a USB slot if you want to connect any other device to it.

In addition, the Gamesir Bluetooth controller gives you a large capacity battery that you can use for 17 hours continuously, as well as a stand that you can use to hold your phone while gaming. Finally, this hand supports all operating systems, not just Android phones.

Learn about the best controllers to play PUBG Mobile smoothly on smartphones 3

4- EMISH trigger

This type is more advanced than the IFYOO Z108 trigger, it consists of two parts, each of which consists of 2 triggers that are installed on your phone, so you have R1 / R2 and L1 / L2 buttons, giving you more control, and stronger performance when shooting fire. Also, the EMISH trigger is mounted on the phone from both sides, unlike the previous type. Therefore, the EMISH trigger is more professional in terms of shooting in PUBG Mobile. Also, the EMISH trigger will not need to use any electronic connections or apps to operate it on the phone.

5- Gamepad Bluetooth device for greater control of the PUBG Mobile game

If you want to have a unique and professional gaming experience on all fronts while playing PUBG Mobile on your phone. The Gamepad Bluetooth Adapter is the best choice for you, this device gives you a professional gaming experience with keyboard and mouse, by connecting your phone with the keyboard and mouse using the Bluetooth adapter.

The device also has a holder to install the phone on, in addition to a USB port through which you can connect the phone to the electric charger, and the device itself is connected to power through the USB port. The device also comes with a small keyboard that contains the basic buttons that you can use while playing PUBG Mobile. It is intended for games only, and includes a set of RGB lights that you can change between.

The mouse that comes with the device is for gaming only, as it has additional buttons added for gaming. This device can be used with all types of smartphones, whether they are running the Android or IOS operating system.

One of the most important advantages of the Gamepad Bluetooth adapter is that it was specifically designed to play PUBG Mobile, as the game will not be able to recognize it as an external console, or a game emulator, and therefore the player will not be banned while playing. Where the game recognizes the player as a normal player using the mobile phone to play.

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