Learn about the types of snowstorms and mistakes that you must avoid in PUBG

Learn about the types of snowstorms and mistakes that you must avoid in PUBG

The PUBG game is going through many updates, some of which are due to updating the playing style, and some of them update the game modes, weapons, and graphics.

Therefore, as a player who seeks to become a professional in the PUBG Mobile game and reach the highest levels of professionalism, you must avoid making those catastrophic mistakes when playing PUBG that could cost you your life while playing, and they will be mentioned shortly.

In order to become more professional, you must learn about the types of snow and storms in the PUBG game so that you do not get stuck in them and your movement is hindered by them.

Therefore, through the following, the most common mistakes that you must avoid when playing PUBG will be mentioned, and you will get several information that will make you play professionally in the harsh snowy climate.

Learn about the types of errors that you must avoid in the game PUBG

When you start playing in PUBG, you must know that winning this game is hard and not easy at all. Winning in PUBG depends as much on luck as it depends on skill, so you can try most of the tips and tricks available, but one mistake will cost you your life with a bullet of betrayal from one of your competitors and from your enemies, however, from these mistakes are common among players in the game PUBG, so what will be Mentioned in the following lines is about common mistakes that cost players their lives.

In PUBG, don't get too much loot so you don't get sniped:

This is one of the most common mistakes in the game of PUBG that players commit unconsciously, and then they are killed without knowing the reason.

The reason is very simple that this game is not based on loot, but its strongest strength is to be alive.

If you drop a player in PUBG, don't loot them immediately:

Learn about the types of snowstorms and mistakes that you must avoid in PUBG 1

While you are inside the map in the Buggy game, sometimes the death of your opponent makes blood run in your veins, and the adrenaline reaches its highest levels, so you, without any calculations, loot your opponent, without planning and realizing, that he may be monitored by other snipers, so you are also sniped very easily, and you become very easy prey. To your competitors, because sometimes also the player before he shoots him, he calls for help by firing the green light and the flashing and smoke accompanying this light appear with him, so I have to remind you again that the PUBG game is based on survival and not looting, so do not rush to loot, when you perform any looting operation Plan it well so that you don't get sniped and become easy prey for your enemies as this is one of the hardest games in which you can survive for as long as possible.

Snow storms in PUBG and their types

Learn about the types of snowstorms and mistakes that you must avoid in PUBG 3

PUBG new update and arctic mode

In this game, many players were waiting for a situation like this as this new mode will force you and force the rest of the players to survive, and it will also help you to warm up.

As this situation is an escape from snowstorms, and it is also an indicator by which you measure your temperature while you are in between these snowstorms and this harsh climate, and you should not let this indicator drop below its minimum, for losing its minimum you will also start losing your health to death.

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