Learn how to buy PUBG UC using PUBG scratch cards

Learn how to buy PUBG UC using PUBG scratch cards

PUBG is one of the best games in the world, due to the admiration of millions of people around the world. Due to the excitement and suspense it contains, and it provides a global competitive environment among many players. It is a fighting game whose objective is to try to survive for as long as possible so that you can win at the end of the game. It is in it that the player starts the game with a minimum of resources and clothes. Which makes him need to constantly search for a lot of resources while playing, including clothes, weapons, vehicles and many different supplies.

The PUBG game, at the beginning of its release on March 23, 2017, was running on Windows and Xbox devices. Then, in early 2018, Tencent and Blue Hall developed the game. And they introduced it on phones to work on both Android and IOS.

And then the PUBG game spread around the world in a huge and unprecedented way. Which turned a lot of profits on the game owners and earned them billions of dollars. Among the sources of income for the game developers and those in charge of it is UC. It is a virtual currency dedicated to the game PUBG. Which are used to purchase in-game content and add-ons.

gameplay in PUBG

The game begins when 100 players parachute from the plane over a specific island or area that each player or team selects before starting to play. The game gives you the ability to play as a single player or within a team of two or four players. As mentioned, the player is at the beginning of the game without resources or clothes. As soon as they land from the plane, the players strive to obtain all the necessary resources and supplies, which are located in separate places on the island and distributed on the game map. In the end, the winning player or team is the one who managed to eliminate the remaining players and survive until the end of the game.

How to buy PUBG UC

As we mentioned, the game's virtual currency, which is coins (UC), is used to buy all the game content or any add-ons that you want to obtain while playing. The process of purchasing UC wrenches is done through the following methods:

First: Buying PUBG coins (UC) with PUBG cards

Buy a PUBG coins (UC) through AR Pay through this link


As soon as you purchase the card, you will receive the activation code in a few moments. Then you can go to the PUBG site and write your ID name in the game. Then enter the card code that you previously obtained from AR Pay, and then click on the word Redeem.

Second: Buying PUBG coins (UC) with iTunes credit

And in the event that you own an iPhone or an iPad, because this application only works on devices that run on iOS. By recharging your Apple ID balance using iTunes cards from AR Pay, through this link


Then you can buy PUBG coins (UC) with ease.

Third: Buying PUBG coins (UC) from Google Play cards

This method is intended for owners of Android devices, by purchasing Google Play cards from the AR Pay site through this link


And use the Google Play balance to buy PUBG coins (UC) using the account you want to add the payloads to.

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