The types of players you will encounter in PUBG Mobile

The types of players you will encounter in PUBG Mobile

If you do not know much about the PUBG Mobile game, it is one of the best and most famous battle royale games in the world, and the basic idea of the game revolves around the joining of about 100 players in one battle on a map among the group of maps from which the player chooses. In order to be able to understand the PUBG game optimally and understand and control the circumstances surrounding you, you will need to know the players you encounter while playing and know and understand each of them and how to play with them, so we will, through this article, classify and divide the players in PUBG Mobile so that you know each type of them as the correct.

First: The Noob player in PUBG Mobile

The Noob player is the player who starts playing PUBG Mobile for the first time in a new way, and he is the player who does not know all the details about the game, and does not know how to play well, or even how to shoot, but it is worth noting that he can The noob player can win his first battle, since he can play with other noobs or play with bots.

Second: The improvised player

He is the player who plays without using a plan and all he needs while playing is to use a frying pan. He is the player who does not study PUBG maps or see any videos explaining the game. This player does not care about acquiring any weapons, and although they do not depend on a plan during the game, which means that they do not have any skills, they are able to beat you with the use of kitchen utensils.

Third: The planner in PUBG

This player loves tactical planning while playing, looking behind walls, and constantly reading and studying the map. It relies heavily on war planning and meticulously developing a strategy to play on. He is always looking to use the perfect weapon and learn smart ways to hunt enemies. He is very interested in watching the explanation videos and learning the lessons, and is very familiar with all the mysteries and details of the game.

Fourth: The loot hunter

He is a player who is greedy and hasty to get spoils, and who always seeks prizes and profits in wartime. And you find this player constantly in places that are highly contested by players, or they chase red smoke, which indicates the presence of rare equipment in PUBG Mobile. All he cares about is getting a lot and they will do anything to get there.

The types of players you will encounter in PUBG Mobile 1

Fifth: The ninja player The ninja

He is the player who follows the method of stealth and silence as if he were a ninja player. This method is certainly not considered bad if you want to eliminate your enemies silently and without noise so that your location is not discovered by the enemies, through the use of the sneak method And sniping in silence.

And the way this player moves is to move silently and hide in the shade of trees and slide on the ground without making a sound, and this type is considered one of the most difficult players that a novice noob player may encounter.

Sixth: The lost player

This player is literally lost throughout the game, never knowing where he should be, and can get lucky every now and then and shoot someone and that person is mostly a bot. But as soon as the map shrinks they are quickly brought down and killed.

Many players are often confused about them and feel that they are not real players and that they are robots, due to the great similarity between their behavior and appearance, but they do not wander without reason, but rather their sense of the way and direction is always missing because they are considered new players in PUBG.

Seventh: The professional player in PUBG

Here dear reader, you must be careful because in front of you is the most dangerous and smartest player in the PUBG game. This player is always better than you while playing, he is very familiar with all the maps of PUBG and all the hidden and little corners where he can hide. And you soon discover that every shot he makes is a great, powerful one.

This player does not need to have a team to join while playing, and does not need to use certain weapons, he can only eliminate you within a few seconds of being with you, so if you see a professional player coming at you, gather your team and ask for protection immediately, because every second that passes is enough for him to plan to eliminate you.

The types of players you will encounter in PUBG Mobile 3

Eighth: The cowardly player

This type of player is very strange, given that they are in a game like PUBG that is full of wars, confrontations and fighting, but they rely on the method of hiding and non-confrontation throughout the battle. However, this type of player thinks that they are being careful, but they are not, they are in fact afraid, and they join the game with their cowards who prefer the style of hiding from confrontation.

These players are characterized by using very weak plans and tactics during the battle, such as the camping plan, and not fighting for fear of being killed, and if you meet one of these players during the battle, do not have mercy on him and eliminate him immediately.

Ninth: The runner player

This player does nothing while playing but running and jogging all over the map, so that he can explore all angles, you may see him running around alone in an attempt to understand and explore the PUBG map.

Tenth: The evil player

represents this player of pure evil in the PUBG game, you always find him ready on the edge of the battles, and he does not interact with any player directly, and instead you find them roaming the map in search of one of the players who bet on each other. Where you always find them looking for bets among the brave players and then quietly killing them from weak to strong until they claim the prize.

Finally, dear reader, after you have learned about all the types of players that you may encounter during your battle in the PUBG game, we advise you not to parachute into the battlefield while you are not ready to face each type of player so that you can eliminate them and win in the end.

In the end, in addition to all that, you will always need to get more rewards and special weapons that help you constantly face your enemies, as well as subscribe to the Royal Pass system that offers players more gifts and prizes as they progress in playing. And you can get all of this using the virtual currency of the PUBG game, which is PUBG UC, And you can buy and ship PUBG UC by buying PUBG prepaid cards offered from ar-pay at the best prices and discounts within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, And enjoy the best and unique gaming experience.

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