What are the PUBG maps and their characteristics?

What are the PUBG maps and their characteristics?

The game of PUBG consists of a variety of maps, and the player can choose from among them the map he wishes to play on, so that each of these maps contains residential houses and a group of different buildings and natural terrain, until each map is completely different from others, and it may differ All of them have the type of weapons they have.

Types of maps in the game PUBG

  1. The Erangel map, which simulates Russia.
  2. Vikendi map simulating a snowy area on continental Europe.
  3. The Miramar map, which simulates a sandy area in Central America, which is America and Mexico.
  4. Sanhok map simulating forests in southeast Asia.

First: Map of Erangel in PUBG

The Erangel map is the main map in the PUBG game, as it appeared in the first version of the game, and it is still the most famous in the game until today.

As for the area of the map, it is very vast, as it consists of two islands connected by bridges, and the general shape of the map is similar to the cities of the Eastern European continent in the former Soviet republics, so that the names of the regions in the map and the architectural style of the buildings represent the eastern block of European countries.

The natural terrain in this map is varied and greatly different, as it includes many open areas, forests and mountains that are moderately rugged, and in general this map is very suitable for building ambushes, especially on bridges, and suitable for entering medium-term battles using machine guns and snipers.

What are the PUBG maps and their characteristics? 1

Second: Vikendi Map

In the game, this map represents an island that stretches for 6 x 6 kilometers on the Adriatic Sea, surrounded by dense forest, in addition to snow that surrounds the island, while a side of the island on the Mediterranean coast and snowy mountains are in the center of the map.

Third: Map of Miramar in PUBG

This map is the second map that was added to the game of PUBG , and it is considered the largest in terms of area, compared to other maps, and the environment in this map is a very arid desert, as it represents the nature of northern Mexico, but the name of the map and the names of many of the features in it are quoted From the name of a region in the city of San Diego in the state of California in America.

As we mentioned, the nature of the environment and the terrain in the Miramar map is a very rugged mountainous desert, where the opportunity to find places to hide during the game is very few and difficult, due to the map's lack of trees and buildings, which makes the process of distinguishing the player very easy against a desert background.

Therefore, this map is characterized by many long-term battles, and the use of snipers in it is considered normal and essential.

What are the PUBG maps and their characteristics? 3

Fourth: Map of Sanhok in PUBG

This map in the game of PUBG has many fans who prefer to play in a small area, as the area of this map is four times smaller than the two basic maps in PUBG , so all things are close in it and the player will not need to travel long distances.

This map represents a tourist island in Southeast Asia, where the natural environment of the map is tropical, full of dense forests, rocks and trees to hide in. Thus, the map of Sanuk is characterized by short-term battles, in which the battles end faster than the battles in the previous maps, due to the presence of more players in a small space.

In summary, we have shown all the types of maps available in the game of PUBG and the characteristics of each of them, so that you can choose the map that fits your style of play correctly, and you can upgrade your weapons and enjoy a new and distinctive outfit in the game of PUBG and get many rewards using PUBG UC By using PUBG cards from the AR Pay site, AR Pay provides you with all types of prepaid gift cards in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at the best prices and all price categories.

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