Horizon Forbidden West release date on PlayStation

Horizon Forbidden West release date on PlayStation
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What is the game Horizon Forbidden West on the PlayStation?

The game Horizon Forbidden West is an action game of the type of characters, whose new part is supposed to be released in the future on the entertainment platforms and the PlayStation, and the Guerrilla Games studio is working to develop the game on the PlayStation, while Sony Interactive Entertainment is responsible for spreading the game globally on all platforms, including The PlayStation devices platform, and the game is supposed to be released during this year of 2021, without setting a specific date, and this game is on the first version of which was released in 2017 on the PlayStation platforms under the name of Horizon Zero Dawn, and this part is considered a complement to the events of the first part story.

Guerrilla Games Studio

Guerrilla Games Studio, one of the most famous Dutch studios specialized in developing video games and PlayStation.

The story and events of the game Horizon Forbidden West on the PlayStation

This story about the events of the game, which ended in the first part, continues as Horizon Zero Dawn on all PlayStation devices, which revolve around Aloy, a young hunter from the Nora tribe, and Aloy goes on a mission across mysterious borders, which is known as the Forbidden West, and this is in order to find the source of the mysterious plague that killed everyone infected with it.

Horizon Forbidden West release date on PlayStation 1

Aloy faces many hostile areas, through her journey in unknown lands, which have been destroyed, by severe storms, and have been occupied by very dangerous enemies, and deadly machines. Aloy also discovers many, from different environments, in addition to different living systems, which include many From fertile valleys, arid deserts, snowy mountains, tropical beaches and cities that have been destroyed, this is above and below the water.

Gameplay in Horizon Forbidden West on the PlayStation

This game is one of the third most popular action and role-playing games on all PlayStation and video games, and in the game, the player controls the character of Aloy, a hunter in a world full of many dangerous machines.

The events of the game that you start when you play it on all PlayStation devices revolve in an open world map that takes place in the cities of California, Utah, and Nevada .. After very devastating events, and among the goals of the game, is to discover the mysterious borders known as the Forbidden West.

The map is filled with many secrets that reside in the ruins of the very old world, and the game also contains available to play on PlayStation devices in many iconic places, such as City Devastated San Francisco, and Yosemite Valley, in addition to many other areas, and the Guerrilla Games studio developed them by adding many new features to the game and one of the most important of theses is the exploration of the world underwater; Where the player can explore secrets and mysteries underseas, lakes and rivers.

Game development stages

Guerrilla Games is developing the video game and PlayStation Horizon Forbidden West after the great success of the first part, which was first released in 2017, titled Horizon Zero Dawn, and it also cooperated with a studio with Sony Intervention Entertainment in terms of publishing matters, especially In the game, such as: What happened in the first part, and presumably, the game was released on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 platform exclusively for the entertainment platforms of Sony, and Ashley Brosh performed the character of Aloy and Lance Riddick, performing the character of Silence again after their success in the part the first.


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