Will we see Demon’s Souls on PlayStation 4 soon?

Will we see Demon’s Souls on PlayStation 4 soon?
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After Demon’s Souls was announced exclusively on the PlayStation 5 platform only, all PlayStation 4 owners denounced this decision, and the game was not released on the PlayStation 4 Store, and was restricted to only the PlayStation 5, considering that the PlayStation 4 is also capable of running the game.

During the past few hours, a tweet was posted on Twitter via the PlayStation Games account, which is responsible for publishing leaks and specialized in searching within the PlayStation Store databases, explaining that there are files for the Demon’s Souls version for the PlayStation 4 device within the PlayStation Store database.

He also added, explaining that there are many explanations for the presence of these files on the PlayStation Store, which is either that the version of the PlayStation 4 has been canceled, or that the release of the game on the PlayStation 4 will be announced soon, and he also expected that these files will be for the trial version. For game developers.

But many players have taken the news as a sign that the PlayStation 4 version of Demon’s Souls will be released soon, expecting it as a way to increase sales of the game by providing it to more than 100 million players, who are still using the PlayStation 4 of the previous generation.

About the famous PlayStation exclusive “Demon’s Souls”

The game was released exclusively on the PlayStation 3 for the first time by the studio FromSoftware, and then developer Bluepoint Games represented the game on the PlayStation 5 on November 19, 2020 by the publisher Sony Interactive, so that the enhanced version of the game is exclusive only on the Sony device For the new generation “PlayStation 5”, benefiting from all the capabilities of the PlayStation 5.

Like the rest of the series games, the latest version of Demon’s Souls is in the category of RPG and fighting games, which relies on a difficult fighting style, and the game also features customizations to create your virtual character in an unusual way.

It is possible that the exclusive of the PlayStation Demon’s Souls is very similar to the games of the Dark Souls, but it is distinguished from the games of the Dark Souls in its distinctive ways and methods, among which is that the game world is not open but has been divided into 5 separate worlds, each world among them It is divided into 3 or 4 levels, each with unique and distinctive challenges and competitions.

Will we see Demon's Souls on PlayStation 4 soon? 1

Game performance, graphics, and sound in Demon’s Souls

Certainly, many players praised the performance and graphics of the improved version of the game on the PlayStation 5, as the game is an excellent masterpiece, as it has benefited from all the advantages and capabilities of the Sony device for the new generation “PlayStation 5” in terms of graphics and accurate details in the environment that surrounds you, starting with Flowing water down to the intricate stone carvings and expressive facial expressions of the characters that match the situation, and it is these details that give the game and the story more depth and suspense.

Demon’s Souls also features a very challenging gameplay system, where progress and continued play requires great effort and greater challenge, in order for the player to be able to defeat enemies and powerful bosses. The game leads you from one place to another so that you can prepare to face all the enemies. But with the great graphics and graphics that the game offers, you will find great fun in this navigation and enjoy exploring all the scenes that surround you in a world of the game.

fighting style

Of course, the game still has the same basic fighting style throughout the series, starting with the weak flow of combat. Which sometimes affects the fighting style when facing enemies, by not scoring some of the opponent’s strikes, which leads to damage to your character or even death at times.

In conclusion, the performance of Demon’s Souls game on the PlayStation 5 is the same as its usual performance in terms of mechanics, but the developers of the game have made a lot of effort to provide an improved version and more distinguished in all aspects, in terms of graphics, sound effects, style of hitting and dribbling. So that the player gets a very improved and wonderful gaming experience. And you can get Demon’s Souls and other games and features by charging prepaid PlayStation cards from ar-pay at the best prices in Saudi Arabia.

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