iTunes Store: Learn about the most downloaded apps in 2021

iTunes Store: Learn about the most downloaded apps in 2021
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Sensor Tower, which specializes in collecting data and tracking application performance, as well as tracking revenue and downloading data for applications and publishers.

Has revealed the list of the most downloaded applications in the world on iTunes during the current year 2021.

Through this report, present the list The most downloaded apps on the iTunes store for iPhone and iPad iOS devices.

List of most downloaded apps on iTunes 2021

1- Tik Tok app

The Tik Tok application is a free application for recording short videos that do not exceed 15 seconds, and anyone can record these videos using their phone camera.

The app then promotes these videos to other users of the app who follow it, or by using the app’s own algorithms that deliver content based on each person’s interests.


2- Youtube app

The YouTube application gives users the ability to watch any video available on the application as well as rate, share and add the video to its playlists.

In addition to the ability to share videos with any other users, and finally the user can rate, report or comment on the video.

YouTube offers a large variety of videos created by users or companies, and contains clips from TV shows, videos of songs, movies, or audio recordings.

As well as promotional videos, and many more content that can be presented in the form of a video clip.


3- Zoom app

The Zoom application is the third most downloaded application on the iTunes Store since the beginning of this year 2021, and it is an application dedicated to video calls.

Where anyone calls another person to the call, and thus has all the powers, and one call can include more than 100 people. else.

The Zoom application is widely used in business meetings, as it is highly suitable for group meetings that include more than one caller and participant in the meeting.


4- Telegram app

The Telegram application is one of the free applications available on iTunes for messaging, and it is considered a somewhat open-source application, and focuses on speed, security and privacy.

Through the ability to exchange messages between users safely while providing high encryption, with regard to photos, videos, documents and any Something, as the application supports the ability to share all types of files.

5- Facebook app

The Facebook application is the fifth application in the list of the most downloaded applications on the iTunes store during the current year 2021, as the application is considered one of the most popular social networking applications in the world that are indispensable today.

It can be used by almost all devices and platforms, and one of the most important advantages of using the Facebook app is to find friends and connect with the people around you at any time.

The application is also increasingly used by many people over time as it addresses users of all different ages.

Finally, the Instagram application for sharing photos and short videos, and WhatsApp and Messenger for conversations and voice calls came at the end of the list of applications most downloaded by users of the iTunes Store on iOS smartphones (iPhone or iPad).

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In conclusion, the iTunes store offers a wide range of apps for different purposes and preferences, from entertainment and social media to communication and productivity.

The most downloaded apps of 2021 reflect the trends and needs of the users, as well as the quality and innovation of the app developers.

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