Learn about the most prominent paid apps for iPhone on iTunes store

Learn about the most prominent paid apps for iPhone on iTunes store

Certainly, the iTunes store is considered the best store affiliated with Apple, as iTunes contains more than 2 million applications available to users. These applications help you improve your daily use of Apple devices or any device running the Apple IOS operating system, in all aspects of daily life in different activities. Your daily routine, and many of these applications are useful for your different needs in many areas of life, and through this article we will show the best paid applications on the iTunes store and their most important uses.

First: the Camera + 2 application

This application is considered one of the best camera applications on the iTunes store, and the second version of the application is faster and better than the previous version, Camera +. It has many new features such as different shooting modes and the professional capture feature, in addition to the ability to control the white balance in images and the speed of image capture, in addition to the presence of all the tools for editing and adjusting images easily, and many other advantages.

Second: Fantastical 2 application

Fantastical 2 is ranked among the best calendar apps available on iTunes, so you can sync your calendar with your personal appointments and tasks on all Apple devices. It also includes an alarm that helps you to remind your tasks and keep track of your weekly schedule easily and continuously.

Third: Facetune application

Facetune is one of the best photo editing and editing applications available on the iTunes store, as it helps you to edit all images professionally and easily. It is considered a strong alternative to the Photoshop program used by professional photographers and designers to modify images. It contains many professional editing tools that make you get an aesthetic flawless image.

Fourth: Smart Baby Shapes application

The Smart Baby Shapes application provides you with a distinguished set of games that develop your child's abilities, as it contains games that help develop the child's abilities to learn colors, sizes and shapes smoothly through his enjoyment of playing, in addition to helping him to pronounce words and terms correctly, and this application Available on the iTunes store and suitable for children ages 2:4 .

Fifth: HotSchedules application

The HotSchedules application is one of the best applications available on the iTunes store and is used at work. It is considered one of the fastest and easiest programs that help you manage your schedule and also communicate with your team and distribute tasks. The application also gives you the ability to communicate with your team members and synchronize their work with them. The application also provides you with a new feature to automatically migrate tasks when you want more time to work on them, in addition to the ability to synchronize calendar and notifications.

Sixth: Full Fitness app

The Full Fitness app is one of the best-selling apps on the iTunes store and one of the best apps that help you maintain your fitness, by providing many exercises and explaining them in a simple and easy way with all the instructions for each exercise, so that these exercises were developed by specialists and professionals in Fitness.

What distinguishes the application is that it is not limited to presenting exercises only, but it arranges these exercises according to the area of the body that you train on and the equipment required for each exercise, and it also gives you the ability to follow your results continuously. In addition, it allows you to know the calories present in more than 80 thousand types of food, in addition to constantly tracking your body weight, and to determine an exercise schedule commensurate with your weight.

Seventh: Cloud Baby Monitor application

This application is considered one of the most distinctive applications available on the iTunes store and specialized in monitoring your child at all times and anywhere and providing you with notifications and alerts when anything unexpected happens. This application is very easy to use and works on all Apple devices, by downloading it easily from the iTunes store and placing the device in the room in which your child is, and you can then follow the movements of your child easily through direct video, sound and image. Note that this program is equipped with high privacy protection and is protected from encryption so that you can be sure that you are the only one who can see your child.

In the end, there are many and many other paid applications available on iTunes store that help you in many matters of your daily life, and these are just some examples of the best of these applications, and you can simply get all of these applications and more through the iTunes store by purchasing iTunes cards online from ar-pay , is easy and secure.

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