A look at the new NBA 2K21 release and new updates

A look at the new NBA 2K21 release and new updates
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NBA 2k is a video game that was first released in 2007. It is available on Playstation, Xbox, and Microsoft Windows. It was developed by Canadian company EA and EA Tebron and published by ea Sports. The name NBA is short for the National Basketball Association.
It is also called the American Professional Basketball League. It is the most professional basketball association and one of the largest sports leagues in North America

In essence, the new version of NBA 2K21 is a new and excellent experience, adapted to the shows that are shown and enjoyed. As the player experiences the gameplay, he can feel a real match being played on a comfortable and convenient ground. So that 2K Games provide a unique experience with each new version of the game. And that by solving many of the problems that exist in the previous version.
In addition to providing modern and new systems in the game. In addition to adding and improving dribbling movements and spacing between players on the field. This gives the player a realistic and real feeling during the game.

A look at the new NBA 2K21 release and new updates 1

On the other hand, the new version of the game looks similar to the previous version in general. This is due to the lack of many updates to the game at the level of all versions since the beginning of the series.

Certainly, we will notice some differences and changes from the beginning of the NBA series of games to the latest release. However, these differences and changes are not very good enough. Although there are many updates and developments in the stadiums and the form of players. However, it is clear that the gaming world has reached a stage of progress that cannot be repeated, especially in sports.

Graphics for NBA 2K21

When you see the graphics and images in the new version of the game, you will notice that there is no clear and significant difference between the new version of the game and the previous version (NBA 2020). And this is despite some changes in the level of graphics and images. However, this change is not the most noticeable and powerful change that we have reached in the world of video games.
Especially since the new version of the game will be launched on devices of the new generation of games such as the ps5 and Xbox series X.

On the other hand, the situation is not that bad in the game. The game continued to provide distinctive and attractive graphics, especially in the latest releases in the world of sports games. It is possible that the game has provided its best improvements to the images and graphics until a new version of the game is launched. However, that became somewhat frustrating for the players after they anticipated the new version of the game. Regarding the characters of the players in the new version of the game, you may find that the important and famous characters have been taken care of well and distinctly. Whereas, the less famous players will not be at the same level of distinction

A look at the new NBA 2K21 release and new updates 3

How to play in the new version

There are some adjustments that have been added and changed in the way of playing regarding controlling players on the field and when the ball is correctly shot. So that the players’ performance is better than in previous versions. The company focused on solving some of the problems that existed in previous versions regarding shooting style and player movement. The company has introduced some evasive methods to become more effective and professional than previous releases.

Otherwise, you won’t find any visible new updates added to the gameplay. Change some improvements in the approach to defense and attack. However, there are still some issues with players waiting for the movie scene after shooting and waiting for the ball to fall. It is the main problem faced by the game over the previous versions since the beginning of the series.

While the performance of players, the style of non-receipt and the opening of the way for passing and shooting are the most obvious updates in the new version. Which is expected to open the way for more improvements and developments in the next versions of the game.

In conclusion, it seems that the main goal of the developer of the game is to reach the highest levels of realism in the way and performance of players. Improving graphics and graphics inside the game is not the primary goal at the moment

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