Find out when F1 2021 will be released on PlayStation

Find out when F1 2021 will be released on PlayStation
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It is known to car racing fans, Formula One, which has been held secondary for 72 years and is organized by the International Automobile Federation, so it is considered the largest event of its kind, for fans of speed games and car racing. So recently, PlayStation released a new version of Formula One called F1. This game first appeared in the video game world and PlayStation in 2003.

Therefore, it is considered the official game of Formula One. PlayStation’s devices, as it is the fourteenth part of the famous F1 series developed by Codemasters studio and sponsored and published by EA Sports.

Find out when F1 2021 will be released on PlayStation 1

The new version of F1 is expected in 2021. On PlayStation 4, PlayStation Fax, Box One, and Xbox S

New features that the F1 game will launch on the PlayStation platform:

It is known to all those interested in games that there are new qualities that the developer Codemasters will make on the game to compete fiercely in the car racing game arena, attract new players, and satisfy fans of that series on PlayStation, so the special features that are scheduled to be launched in this version scheduled to be released on PlayStation devices 4 and PlayStation 5 will be as follows:

The story of the game’s “breaking point”

The events of this version of the game, which will be available on the PlayStation and video platforms, as of July of this year, takes place in a completely different story titled breaking point, which contains a new and completely different story from the previous version on the PlayStation, in which every PlayStation player tries to Explore himself through Formula competitions that create many races so that each player explores his own playing style; To take a place in the world of Formula One racing and all the players aspire to reach the top through those races they will do.

Also, this version will begin with the return of the hero Devon Butler, who began his appearance two years ago, but will come in this version with many details about his life.

Taking into account the safety of the players

A chance to get a full chance in the latest version and he can get a chance to get a full chance with the game’s advantages whether he’s an old player or a new player.

The fun of a new generation experience:

For the first time, the game will appear in its new dress on the platforms of the new generation of PlayStation Five and Xbox Series, to exploit the capabilities of those powerful platforms that this platform possesses, both in terms of graphics strength or a relatively short loading time, in addition to that the game will be hosted by the PlayStation 4 platform, Xbox 1

Which will work through the famous Steam store, and the game will provide a free upgrade service.

This game will also witness the return of the classic features in its new series released on the PlayStation Xbox platforms, including the team. The screen will be divided for players, and the short seasons will return again, through which you will be able to make some choices, in addition to the availability of the Formula 2 competition, and this version will contain a significantly improved in it. Such as the number of options that help you and improve the readings of the drivers, as well as the development of the online multiplayer game mode that makes the players participate more easily.

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