What you missed about Horizon Forbidden West PlayStation exclusivity

What you missed about Horizon Forbidden West PlayStation exclusivity
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After a person recently leaked a rumor about Sony postponing the launch of the Horizon Forbidden West game on PlayStation devices for the next year 2022, PlayStation ads came confirming Sony’s intention to release the game as previously scheduled next October of this year 2021 exclusively on a device Playstation 4 and PlayStation 5.

Sony has officially stated that the game Horizon Forbidden West is a logical and expected continuation of the first part of the game Horizon Zero Dawn, after the great success achieved by the first part on the PlayStation 4 in terms of sales. Where the first part was very creative and creative in terms of preparation and game designs, as well as the open and wonderful game world, as well as the mysterious and fortified caves that the player was discovering during the playing experience, as each part of the game gave the player a part about the history and world of the game.

And if you are a player in the first part of the game, you are certainly aware that the Forbidden West part was mentioned in the first part of the game. Horizon has made exploration one of the most important things in the game, and we hope that this will remain in the next part of the game. Therefore, through this article, we will provide some of the details that have been revealed so far about the upcoming part, exclusively on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, “Horizon Forbidden West”.

First: the return of Sylens

Of course, Sylens played an important and mysterious role in the first part of the game Horizon, and we could not know his intentions and his truth with his secret character, he was constantly a mysterious and incomprehensible character, as well as his history full of intrigue and betrayal, so there were many bewildering questions about Sylens’ character.

And in the promotional video for the next part on PlayStation devices, we saw that Sylens would apparently come with a new tribe seeking to control a machine that resembles a pig, so we expect Sylens to have found new assistants to help him achieve his hitherto unknown goal.

What you missed about Horizon Forbidden West PlayStation exclusivity 1

Second: The lack of loading times on the PlayStation 5

The director of the game Horizon announced that the upcoming part of Horizon Forbidden West has a tremendous download speed that makes the game able to download many details in the open world in the game. Adding that the speed of the PlayStation 5 for the new generation and the power of the SSD hard disk that it enjoys gave the game developers the ability to build a bigger world full of many details compared to the previous part. Emphasizing that there are no loading screens or fast travel waiting times.

Certainly, the previous part of the game is vast and full of many details to the extent that the previous generation devices were struggling to keep up with that, but the matter will be different when the game comes to the PlayStation 5 device for the new generation, which gives the player the ability to discover the game world and its details without the presence of almost any loading screens .

Third: The presence of new tribes and natural areas

As in the first part of the game, we can expect to see more different and new tribes and new landscapes in the upcoming Horizon Forbidden West PlayStation exclusive. Although machines were the main enemy in the first part, Horizon Zero Dawn, the Shadow Carja tribe added more depth to the story and more diverse combat and challenges.

Also, as the game world extends in the upcoming Horizon Forbidden West segment from the Pacific Coast in San Francisco to Utah, we expect to see many diverse landscapes and vitals that the player needs to explore while playing. In addition to adding exploration and fighting underwaters and discovering the ancient civilization submerged in coral reefs, which adds to the game more fun and excitement.

What you missed about Horizon Forbidden West PlayStation exclusivity 3

Fourth: Underwater combat

As we mentioned with the addition of the underwater combat component to the game Horizon Forbidden West, the player will be able to explore a lot of things under lakes and rivers in the vast world of Horizon. Due to the interest of the game developers to make the game world larger and full of many details and features that may exist in reality. As in the previous part, in which the player had to dive deep into the earth to discover ancient ruins, we expect that to be the case in the next part. With the addition of underwater fighting which will play an important role, we expect more excitement and fun as we begin to explore a sunken civilization and its ancient ruins.

In the end, we have collected for you all the details and information that have been officially announced about the upcoming Horizon Forbidden West game, according to the promotional video that the PlayStation has shown, and you can get the Horizon Forbidden West game as soon as it is released exclusively on PlayStation Store by purchasing Prepaid PlayStation cards from ar-pay at the best prices in Saudi Arabia.

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