Big Rumble Boxing: Creed Champions Review

Big Rumble Boxing: Creed Champions Review

Fighting in Big Rumble Boxing: Creed Champions as one of 20 iconic characters from the Creed and Rocky movies as you face in-game world-class opponents in a variety of unique boxing locations, with the chance to challenge friends and family in intense head-to-head fighting matches. This is actually the second boxing game licensed by developer Survios based on the Rocky and Creed saga; The first game was Creed: Rise to Glory for 2018 which is much appreciated. Unlike Rise to Glory, the new Creed Champions Edition is not based on virtual reality, and the matches in both games are not very similar and do not have much in common.

How to play

The characters of Rocky and Creed are well presented in the game, but what is even more impressive are the fantasy fighters. Some of them seem to be based on real-life boxers, such as Conor McGregor, and each fighter in the game has his own style, and each boxer offers a slight difference in the experience of playing.

The matter around 5 battles for the occurrence on information occupies the definition in the game, and assimilation of unity the central treatment big challenges, the little levels corroded in difficulty, and to is with little from the repetition, it is possible to the registration of the strikes deadly in some uniformity afterward, and small strength last hosts the exceptional attack for each fighter, just as that execution of this punch (the strikes) simplified also. One problem with Big Rumble Boxing is the long load time it takes, especially in Arcade mode; It takes a long time to load with Arcade Mode “stop/start”.

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In Creed Champions outside of Arcade mode, you can play one-on-one matches against a friend, or activate the Training mode. And with no ability to play online, the practice mode can help you be better in Creed Champions.

The game is not simulated as you might imagine some of the players, it's a realistic story about the boxing world is trying to move the real world in front of you on the screen, it is not supposed to be the game simulation. It is a story about boxing-inspired by many of the most beautiful movies that dealt with the exciting world of Boxing, the transfer of the cinematic experience is sponsored by the visuals in the game to transfer it to the player, to get a special experience with the game.

Game Rating

The game features a great soundtrack, which is inspired by a set of films, and is visually enchanting, as the artwork comes with a cartoonish atmosphere that combines WWE 2K Battlegrounds and Fortnite, which provides an undeniable charm. The tone of the game is also set precisely and correctly. But other than that, there are a lot of criticisms presented to the game, the most important of which is the lack of sufficient attention to details within the game, where the boxing arenas suffer from repetition, and the biggest problem of this repetition remains that there are not many things that the player can do, there is a severe lack of experiences Which can be done within the game, so many critics believe that the main characters in the film such as Rocky and Apollo are what is interesting, while the rest of the details are a lot of weakness. Although the arcade mode features individual sections for each character to add some variety, it doesn't happen in the end. The story of Rocky, for example, does not even cover the films on which the game is based, such as Rocky Balboa and his confrontation with Mason Dixon, as the game only stops at Rocky IV, although Ubisoft's Rocky Legends in 2004 included Rocky V's brawl with Tommy Gunn, which means that there are Delays occur in releases rather than improvements in character formulation, fighting styles, and greater attention to detail.

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As you play, clips of the story are displayed in text boxes accompanied by simple grunts and exclamation points, along with placing arrows for boxers with a specific set of emotions. Here the player gets the feeling that Creed Champions is like a typical, old-fashioned mobile game that looks cheap and lacks distinction. This approach is also inaccurate in the in-game storytelling, as the dialogue fluctuates and is sometimes attributed to the main character in the story and the “narrator”, who is actually the same person. Matches are split up with a pointless training montage at the end, where the boxers don't have any skills or stats to improve the score and the score you get seems meaningless.

But the bad thing about the game remains the lack of playing on the Internet, even if the price of the game does not exceed 39.99 dollars, and therefore it is natural that we do not expect many advantages such as making the game available to play online, but we are in 2021, playing online is the best and beloved option for many. It is not enough to have a copy to be downloaded and played without the Internet. And it's hard to say how much you're missing out on the game without playing online. What is certain, however, is that it alienates a large percentage of potential fans. But the hope is that the option to play online will be added as an update to the game, although this was not mentioned in any of the details or on the developer's website.

The presentation also goes against the Rocky narratives that everyone knows, and Big Rumble Boxing has been developed: Creed Champions by the team that brought us Creed: Rise to Glory for virtual reality platforms before, which is the second collaboration between Survios and MGM Studios. But after what we mentioned of criticism, it seems like a failed attempt or a failed cooperation, but in fact, many do not agree with this. Many players found fun in the game, and in the boxing matches they fought, and they found in the game an opportunity to make boxing an important sport in video games like other games, Boxing does not occupy a large place in the world of video games at the moment.

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