Learn about the most influential personalities in the world of video games until 2021

Learn about the most influential personalities in the world of video games until 2021

During the past decades and since the beginning of the launch of video games, especially after the launch of home video devices, whether the PlayStation platform or the Xbox platform, we have many unique and distinguished personalities, among whom are the characters that everyone loved, Some of them we hated. Including influential personalities who have always made us happy and others who made us happy, so through this article we will focus on the best personalities who influenced all players and created many privileges at all levels, especially with the development of the game industry significantly in recent years, and interest in providing deep and complex stories And charming, and the success of these stories is linked to influential characters.

1- Agent 47 from HITMAN

Certainly everyone knows that Agent 47 is the most prominent character among professional and hired killers, whose personality is characterized by many characteristics such as little talk, unknown and mysterious identity, his ability to hide among the crowd, and his superior ability to accomplish The tasks entrusted to him with high professionalism, regardless of the degree of difficulty or danger he faces, and to face all challenges and obstacles.

Despite the fame of Agent 47, he does not possess any supernatural abilities or use a specific weapon, but this fame came from his skills and superior abilities that he obtained through harsh training, and difficult life conditions that made him completely self-reliant and made him not trust anyone. It helped him adapt to any circumstance, face difficulties and obstacles, and overcome them.

2- The character of Ezio Auditore De Firenze from the game Assassin's Creed

After the release of the game Assassin's Creed in 2007 and the introduction of an exciting and exciting series of games that made a leap in the world of stealth and stealth games, the hero character Ezio Auditore De Firenze caused great fame and a sensation, despite his characteristics that he recognized The players play and do whatever they like without any restrictions since his teenage years. However, it became very popular with fans of the Assassin's Creed series.

After the release of Assassin's Creed in 2007 and the introduction of an exciting and fun series of games that made a leap into the world of stealth and stealth games, the hero character Ezio Auditore De Firenze gained fame and buzz among players, despite his bad and reprehensible qualities that players knew while playing, Which depends on his way of doing what he loves without any restrictions since his adolescence. However, Ezio Auditore da Firenze has become very popular with fans of the Assassin's Creed series.

3- The character of Kratos in the God of War game

since the appearance of the bald warrior with red stripes on his body in the game of God of War, called Kratos, and many players loved him throughout all parts of the series. This is despite his aggressive qualities and his constant use of violence out of revenge. However, fans of the game sympathized with him greatly, and saw that his motives for using violence and bloody fighting to get rid of his enemies had convincing reasons, after he faced many difficulties in his past, leading to the killing of his wife and son.

4- The character of Master Chef in the game Halo

Although MasterChef does not have a sense of humor and comedy, he has become stuck in everyone's minds as the most important heroes specialized in fighting alien creatures and engaging in endless wars to save the world. And who enjoys high levels of training, which makes him able to face any dangers, whatever the difficulties and obstacles he faces and the ability to overcome them.

5- The character of Nathan Drake in the game Uncharted

Nathan Drake, the hero of the famous Uncharted game series exclusive to the PlayStation platform, is considered one of the greatest adventurers in the history of the video game industry, given that he has all the qualities needed by any successful hero, including courage, spontaneity, a sense of humor, irony and even idiocy in some positions. Where players were influenced by the character of Nathan by living with him in many interesting and exciting adventures.

6- The character of Geralt of Rivia in the game The Witcher

Although the character of the hero Geralt in the famous RPG game The Witcher depends on the player's choices while playing as it is one of the RPG games. However, many players loved her as well, despite his rather sassy qualities, actions, and always serious style that can often get boring, but the character's vocal performance by actor Doug Cockle was enough to stick with her from the start of the game.

7- The character of Jules Miller in The Last of Us

Naughty Dog studio is also known for providing great and unique stories like Uncharted. The role came to The Last of Us and its hero, Jules Miller, who came in completely different circumstances from the adventurous hero Nathan Drake. Where he went through many difficult and tragic circumstances that ended with the loss of his daughter forever, to find himself with a young girl who must protect her with all his might to compensate for the loss of his daughter in a terrifying world full of conflicts.

Where everyone was attached to the hero's character Jules Miller throughout the events of the story and set out with him on a dramatic journey full of surprises, through a wonderful and interesting storytelling style, which made the player experience the experience with his full feelings.

8- The character of Max Payne in the game Max Payne

The series succeeded in presenting one of the most famous action characters, the character of the hero Max Payne, who was known to everyone for his noble and courageous qualities. He was distinguished by his superior ability to bravely confront many criminals alone. And not only that, but he was distinguished by many other beautiful qualities, unlike many of the characters in most games, as he enjoyed honesty and great attachment to his family through his attempts to avenge those who killed his wife and daughter.

Where the players lived with the character of Max all the details and events of the story and attended his psychological struggles, especially after leaving his job and his addiction to alcohol, through the events of an impressive dramatic story, not based only on the style of action and shooting.

9- The character of John Marston in the game Red Dead Redemption

Although the character of John Marston is an outlaw, he always dreamed of living a simple life away from problems and difficulties next to his family, but he found himself in the midst of inevitable struggles throughout the events of the story Until its unexpected tragic end, which made everyone affected by his separation, after they lived with him a charming dramatic story representing Western society at the time.

10- The character of Arthur Morgan in the game Red Dead Redemption 2

After the new hero of the game Red Dead Redemption in the second part, “Arthur Morgan” became one of the greatest influential figures in the history of the video game industry as a whole. Through the events of the exciting story, the player finds himself greatly affected by the events and lives the feelings as if he is living the story on the ground, due to the professional and distinguished performance of the character.

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