Learn the pros and cons of Hitman 3

Learn the pros and cons of Hitman 3

The third part of the Hitman 3 video game series was launched by IO Interactive on the Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox Series X and computer during January of this year 2021, a game developed by IO Interactive in the category of action and adventure games. It should be mentioned that the new part of the game Hitman 3 supports the virtual reality feature on PlayStation devices.

In short, the game’s story in the final part of the Hitman 3 series is about concluding the story of Agent 47 and his help Diana get rid of the gang of Providence, and through this article we will provide an accurate review of the Hitman 3 game by presenting the negatives and positives of the game on both PlayStation and Xbox devices .

So that the events of the Hitman 3 game in this part revolve around the visit of Agent 47 to many cities around the world, and as we mentioned his main goal is to eliminate a group of the most difficult and dangerous people, who are the Providence group, and certainly whatever the experience of Customer 47 he still needs his assistants during the completion of The tasks required of him, so comes the role of the two most important characters in the game, Lucas Gray and Diana Burnwoods, and these two have an important and essential role in supporting and assisting Agent 47 in performing his last mission in this part.

And the surrounding environment in the Hitman 3 game came with an amazing and dazzling appearance in terms of graphics and effects, so that all places in this part revealed all the manifestations of natural lighting and its reflections in Burj Khalifa, and others came reflecting the gloomy atmosphere of Britain, and many other different atmospheres, in addition to more The distinct stages that gave the game distinct and impressive stages in the final part.

Learn the pros and cons of Hitman 3 1

First: the pros of Hitman 3

  1. Hitman 3 revolves around an attractive story full of enthusiasm and suspense until the last part of the game, as the story continued its events from where it left off in the previous part, so the player will not take much time to get along in the events of the game, so that the interconnection between the main characters of the game affected the development The characters over time refine the events in the story.
  2. Changing the video clips in the previous version with fully animated cinematic clips, helped in developing the style of storytelling and strengthening the relationship between the game's main characters and events.
  3. Although the gameplay in the new part, Hitman 3, did not change much from the previous version of the game, news and details were added within the missions, making the playing experience renewed, so that the diversity in solving the missions added a lot of enthusiasm and excitement.
  4. The events of the Hitman 3 game still enjoy the way of building the stages, so that the game takes you to 6 different areas, each area is characterized by a different and unique character, so that the game takes care of all the details that are around you while playing, to find that anything in the game exists for a specific reason to help you in Carry out your tasks. In addition, there are shortcuts in this part, which helps you to reach difficult-to-reach areas easily, which made the process of moving through the stage better.
  5. The Hitman series is still considered the best in terms of replaying, as the game gives you a lot of different ways to carry out your tasks, so every time you repeat the stage is a completely different experience.

Second: The disadvantages of Hitman 3

  1. One of the downsides in the final part of the Hitman 3 game is the faults of the artificial intelligence, you may kill someone in a crowded place and the guards in the game chase you and search for you, and suddenly they stop as if nothing happened.
  2. In order to continue playing and to get more points and rewards, you will need to be connected to the Internet permanently, but the Internet connection in many cases is cut off in the middle of the game and a message appears for you to reconnect.
  3. Learn the pros and cons of Hitman 3 3

In summary, Hitman 3 is an excellent end to the Hitman games series, and is considered the best of the three parts, due to the freedom to play the game gives to the player, in addition to the gameplay in the last part has become a special standard for this type of games. You can simply play Hitman 3 on PlayStation and Xbox, and to download the game on PlayStation and Xbox devices, we recommend that you buy prepaid gift cards from AR Pay, which sells PlayStation and Xbox cards at the best prices in Saudi Arabia.

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