What kind of player do you belong to: professional, casual or otherwise?

What kind of player do you belong to: professional, casual or otherwise?

There is definitely a strong relationship that arises between video game lovers all over the world, regardless of the type of games that each player prefers, whether it is action games, adventure games, horror games, or even comedy games. However, the discussions between the players are extremely enthusiastic and interesting, which reflects the personality of each player and is different from the others in his own way and playing style.

And because there are millions of video game enthusiasts around the world, who use different home devices for video games, whether it is the PlayStation platform, the Xbox, the PC, or even the smartphone. There are hundreds of types of video game players around the world, which are categorized by the players themselves, which we will explain throughout this report. However, this list does not necessarily mean that each player falls under only one type, because in most cases a single player collects more than one type at the same time.

Types of video game players

1- Hardcore or professional player

This type of player refuses to be defeated in any way and prefers to spend any free time playing, as he is one of the players obsessed with video games, who prefer to spend all their free time playing, and prefer to spend hours and hours to reach To a specific goal, obtain one of the privileges, or even understand and study one of the maps that he wants to play through so that he can fully control the battle, and take advantage of all the most useful locations to win. Therefore, this type is characterized by spending long hours in front of home video game consoles.

This type is characterized as being more popular and professional among players, especially among e-sports players, as these players usually train continuously on a daily basis, so that they can eliminate other players, in addition to obtaining the highest rankings and results. Of course, dear reader, you can be one of the hardcore and professional players in a game, if you can prove yourself and make the goal of professionalism at the top of your list of goals while playing, and invest a lot of your time in training and playing.

2- The average player

Many believe that this name may have a somewhat negative connotation in relation to the term “average player”. However, this type constitutes a large segment of the players. Those players who are attracted to a game for a specific reason like liking the game's story or gameplay. These players always progress at a rather slow pace. It is not necessary for the average player to be a beginner in video games, it may be because he does not see a strong benefit of video games other than to have some fun in his spare time.

The most important characteristic of the average player is that the time he spends in front of video games is very limited, in addition to his knowledge of games is generally not deep, and usually prefers easy video games or choose the lowest level of difficulty in any game.

3- The expert or experienced player

This type of player prefers to enter into a competitive atmosphere with other players, and he is a highly skilled and professional player, but he employs his professional abilities in playing to get money, and using his abilities and skills in playing as a source of livelihood.

4- The social player

Surely everyone knows this player who prefers to play online, play in a team, whether this team consists of two or more players, and enjoy multiplayer multiplayer for long hours. This genre takes pride in their vast experience in the world of video games, and other players often learn new and unique ways of playing from them. This type of player prefers to enter video games that support the online multiplayer mode, whether to fight other players or play with them as a team and cooperate to defeat other enemies.

5- The Observing player

The Observing player is the player who likes to watch other more professional players play. This phenomenon has become widespread in recent times, especially on social networking sites and YouTube. Where the player watches and watches other players play a game, which gives him a great opportunity to see the game world and learn everything he wants to know about the game and explore all aspects of the game, making him more able to understand and control it.

6- The cheating player

This player whose main goal during the game is to get the highest ratings and positions, and to collect as many points as possible during the game. But he does not rely on his skills while playing, but does so, through the use of playing methods based on cheating and hacking, instead of working on developing and developing his skills and abilities in the game.

7- The natural player

This player is characterized by having normal and natural abilities and skills in any game, and he can easily learn and win when starting a game, and he can automatically eliminate other competitors who are ignorant of his abilities and skills, but without making any additional effort to learn more professional skills and abilities.

8- Single player

This type of player is the opposite type of social player who loves to engage other players and prefers the online multiplayer mode of any video game. This player avoids conversations with other players except in limited cases, and does not feel comfortable speaking in a group. Usually, this player prefers the single player mode or playing in front of the device.

9- Smartphone players

While home devices have invaded the video game market, especially after the launch of the new generation of PlayStation and Xbox devices, the mobile game market is still earning billions of dollars globally. Smartphone game developers are still interested in developing their games permanently, as there is a large group of people in the world who have become addicted to smartphone games such as the famous PUBG Mobile game.

Here, dear reader, we have finished grading video game players, but we mention that the player does not have to belong to only one type of this list, and one player can combine more than one type at the same time. Any player from this list can also work on developing himself and his skills to become a professional player. Finally, what kind of player are you?

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