Far Cry 6 Review

Far Cry 6 Review

It is certain that Far Cry series has changed a lot over the years, since its first release in 2004, and from the moment it was announced last summer about the release date of Far Cry 6, and there has been a lot of talk about it, because it is one of the most awaited games by video game fans, and the game has evolved through the years where it abandoned genetically modified human monsters, and then introduced the RPG system, which is role-playing, so for the old players and fans of the game, the new version will look familiar to them, but with better and many improvements to the game, and the new game is based on a Caribbean island, where it revolutionizes a dictator controls the island, Anton Castillo, who responds to the revolution by shooting civilians as it appears in the opening game.

The trailer for the game introduces Yara Island dictator Anton Castillo, and his son Diego. As in the trailer, Anton is firmly intent on suppressing the people's revolt by any means necessary, his son Diego is also determined and following in his footsteps. In the trailer, Father Anton is shown giving his son Diego a lesson in which he teaches him how to control the island, and rule it no matter how much repression it takes, and tells Diego that he will need to control the people of Yara with force, no matter how force or oppression it requires. Despite the young age of the child Diego, the father does not stop teaching him these lessons. In the trailer, Castillo appears about to make his young son throw a grenade into a crowd of angry protesters.

In the game, you play the role of Dani Rojas, and Danny is a former soldier. In the opening, Danny appears as he relaxes with his friends, Alejo and Lita, and then they plan to go to Mexico. On the way, Danny watches the killings of civilians by Castillo, and in one of Alejo's revolutions the soldiers shoot him in the head, From here begins the hit and run between Danny and Lita with Castillo soldiers, and the character of the Dictator Castillo is inspired by the character played by the actor Giancarlo Esposito in the series Breaking Bad.

Danny begins to fight after joining a resistance group called Libertad led by Clara, whom Danny asks to help him get out of the city, but the Far Cry series has certainly more weapons will far but promises to take him out if he helps her in some missions, and asks him to do some combat operations, including tracking down a former double agent, Juan Cortez. . And you raise your level in the game by completing missions, cleaning up checkpoints, and the more points you earn from doing different missions, this opens up new abilities and bigger missions, and your status in the Resistance Army will rise with time, and thus you can access stronger weapons and enter into greater challenges in the game.

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And we note in the new version this wonderful mixing between the island facing a political revolution against a dictator, and the wonderful gameplay and enthusiastic combat with various weapons, there is a wide range of Resolver weapons displayed in all the exciting Far Cry 6 games announced by the publisher so far. These weapons were made from bits and pieces found throughout the island, and included a pistol that fired CDs at victims while playing Macarena, backpacks that functioned as jetpacks or movable rocket launchers, and silent but deadly bows and arrows. And with Far Cry 6's release date fast approaching, it's likely that more weapons will be shown again soon. But in any case, there are already 49 weapons that can be customized throughout the game, but so far we have only seen half the arsenal of weapons that the game offers, and the developers promised that weapons will appear as soon as the release of Far Cry 6.

Far Cry 6 is expected to impress a lot, due to the great variety of story modes, the great fun of flying with wings, shooting from above with the most powerful weapons, and getting into fights with Chorizo the dog, which is another nice in-game fun.

Far Cry 6 map in the new version is huge. The developer, Ubisoft, has promised that this will be one of the largest Far Cry maps ever, as for many hours the player can wander in this map without reaching the end of it. The player can barely get out of this large and exciting map to play, which is as exciting as it is scary but increases the fun of the game exponentially. The map is not just a large area of wilderness, but some entire cities and airports are huge and meticulously designed, in addition to many spaces to explore between the bushes and mountains. What is interesting this time about the game map is that although the map is quite huge, it looks hugely diverse, it is full of urban, industrial, and military areas, as well as a lot of other different things to keep the game interesting.

But it is clear that the enemies in the new version are very strong, sometimes you need 1,000 bullets to kill a man, but there are also ways to kill with one hit at the player's disposal. Including a hit on the head in the form of an arc, and the developers of the game are trying by increasing the difficulty of killing in the game to increase the reward of skill movements such as head injuries with a bow, and frankly, if you can get a head injury with a bow, this indicates your skill in fighting greatly. ; Which will greatly increase your enthusiasm for the game.

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Far Cry 6 will be available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series XS, and PC on October 7, 2021. Although this is not the original release date. Where the first launch was planned to be in February, but it was postponed towards the end of 2020, along with several other Ubisoft games that have been postponed. refuses far likely refuses more weapons will likely some players are talking on Microsoft Store, that the first version may arrive in May. But in a trailer revealing the gameplay, Ubisoft has finally announced that the release date will be in October with the hope from the fans that this will be the last date for the release of the game that many fans of the series have been waiting for.

As a result of this repeated delay in the release of the game, the developer of the game Ubisoft has received much harsh criticism on various social media, due to repeated delays in the release of the game, and also for another reason, which is the company's hiring of a non-Latin representative to play a mainly Latin character in Far Cry 6, where Ubisoft has cast non-Latin actor Giancarlo Esposito to play the dictator, Anton Castillo. Esposito is known to have American ancestry, as he is of African and Italian descent, which is why the company received a lot of criticism for this choice, and many questioned how Esposito would play the role.

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