Learn about game cards, their usage, and how to purchase them.

Learn about game cards, their usage, and how to purchase them.

Games is a world full of secrets and surprises that attracts millions of players who are always striving to achieve victories and develop their level. Today, we will talk about one of thes that may help in more enjoyment of games, which is game cards.
If you are a player on electronic platforms or interested in the world of games in general, you will learn in this article what game cards are and how to use them, and benefit from them

What are game cards, and what are they used for?
Game cards are a prepaid card, similar to phone charging cards that are generally used to improve the gaming experience, and you use them to buy games or to obtain updates, upgrades, or additions to the DLC and it may be advanced weapons, maps, new levels, advanced stages, or on features Within each game, each feature has a specified amount, and the game system draws from it.

How to use the cards?
The cards contain a code that is entered in the interface to use your account to give you credit or points, depending on the type of card and the type of your subscription, which enables you to buy games and additional features inside the games and the card is used completely as a prepaid card, through these simple steps you have used the card in a right way.

Types of game cards
There are many, many types of cards that give you the required diversity depending on the platform you use to try the games and the types of cards:
Origin Games – Uplay Games – Independent Games – NCsoft Cards – Steam Cards – PlayStation Cards – PlayStation Plus Cards – Xbox Live Cards – ITunes Cards – Google Play Cards – Nintendo EShop Cards – Amazon Cards – PayPal Cards.

Types of game cards suitable for each platform
PC or personal computer: It is the largest gaming platform used by players around the world, due to the spread of PC devices in the world, so, it is considered one of the largest and most important gaming platforms
Among the most famous companies that provide the cards used to buy the games available on personal devices are: Steam – Origin- Uplay – NCsoft

Playstation devices: Playstation cards are used to buy games or add-ons. Also, there are Play Station Plus cards, which enable the user to play online with millions of users around the world.

Xbox consoles, in which Xbox Live cards are used, which of course are used to buy add-ons or full games

Nintendo consoles: in which games, add-ons, and features are purchased through the Nintendo E-Shop.

Apple devices and platforms: in which iTunes online store cards are used to purchase programs or games available for the Mac, iPhone, iPad, and MacBook operating systems.

Android devices: Either in the most widespread Android devices in the smart device sector, Google Play cards are used through which you can buy games, or non-free programs, through the Google Play Store.

Most definitions related to game cards
Serial number: It is the code that is entered during the installation of the game, in order for the game manufacturer to make sure that you are the true owner of the version, and to activate the game through this code.
Season Pass: It is a set of add-ons, provided by the game manufacturer, at a lower price than purchasing each addition separately, and in order to get it, you must have purchased the game in its original version.
GOTY or Game Of The Year, or what is known as Game of the Year: It is a game that has won awards or very popular among buyers, so the company generates a special version that contains all the additions that have been released to this game throughout the year.

Complete Pack: or what is known as a complete set of one of the games that contain all the additions or DLC related to this game.

You can buy the cards that suit you and the device you are using at the best prices and best offers through ar-pay.com using the following link: https://blog.ar-pay.com/
To ensure a successful purchase, you must follow the following steps:

1- Go to ar-pay.com and click on “Shopping Cards” to start your shopping process.
2- Choose the type of card that suits you.
3- Choose the card value of the card you want and the quantity and click on Buy Now
4- Fill in your details and the method of payment, and then you will receive the card “code”.

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