What is the Steam platform and its advantages?

What is the Steam platform and its advantages?
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What is the Steam platform and its advantages?

Steam platform is one of the products that Valve provided to users and was developed at the end of 2003, and the platform was initially related to the company’s games, especially the game Counter-Strike, in addition to that this platform is a digital store for games and an essential distributor for most of the games available at the time Present.

At first, the main goal of the program was the difficulty that players find in updating the game Counter-Strike and the spread of cheating during that period, as Valve then established the Steam Platform, a comprehensive platform that provides users with the ability to automatically update players. In addition, the platform has a powerful security system designed by the company.

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What is the Steam platform and its advantages? 1

The Steam platform was created to sell electronic games instantly and quickly, although at first many people viewed the Steam platform as a platform for providing games for Valve only, due to the fact that the percentage of distribution of the platform for games was lower than other gaming companies. However, after the development of the Steam platform, it became one of the best game distribution companies in the world.

So that the platform greatly evolved after that time in 2007 when the Steam Community service was developed, so that communication and access to groups became available to all individuals. Since that time, the Steam platform has become a distributor of games only, but it is a highly developed platform that contains games based on Steam, which makes up about 70% of the total games on the platform. Thus Steam becomes one of the most important game stores. Besides offering many distinct advantages and discounts all over the world, anyone anywhere in the world can use the platform.

In the beginning of 2010, the number of active accounts on the Steam platform exceeded 25 million accounts, which made the platform topped the digital distribution market with a rate of 70%. In the same year, the platform was updated several times and added many features, thus supporting MAC OS.

On the other hand, the WebKit browser is one of the most important additions that have been added to the platform so that you can browse the entire platform or any other sites or view the personal files of people in the game through this browser.

Knowing that the Steam platform contains its own protection system that supports some games, it works to automatically detect cheaters and expel them from the game, in addition to the ability to try some game offers for free if they are available for a specific period.

Steam platform advantages

The Steam platform contains many features that give the user the freedom to easily interact, access and return to games at any time.

What is the Steam platform and its advantages? 3

First: Steam Community

As we mentioned, Steam Community service is one of the most important features of the Steam platform, which facilitated communication between players and building and joining groups, in addition to the ability to create a profile for each player in which he displays all personal details.

Second: Steam Cloud

This feature is a way to get to know the games built for the platform, as through it you can record your profile information in games in addition to storing data and saving it in your account without having to store it on the device so that you will be able to continue playing from where you stopped in the game.

Third: Steam Achievements

This feature enables you to get achievements as you progress in the game and get rewards that are saved in your profile so that everyone can see them, as this feature motivates the player and pushes him to progress in the game to get all the medals and achievements in all games.

Fourth: Downloadable Content

The Steam platform contains add-ons and stages for some games, and these add-ons need you to download the game to your account, and this feature helps to see any add-ons, and to see some of the discounts available for these add-ons.

Fifth: Steam Statistics

The company provides users with access to statistics about the games and systems of the devices they play on. By knowing the number of players present in a game, and knowing the most played game during the day, in addition to the number of current users of the Steam platform.

What is the Steam platform and its advantages? 5

Sixth: Steam Forums

Through this feature, the user can ask any problem he faces or any inquiry and know the details of the upcoming games, through the store’s forum, which is divided into sub-sections for many of the available games. In addition to the ability to communicate with the Steam crew and talk to them in some detail.

Seventh: Steam Leaderboards

This feature arranges the players in a table that displays the first places in the game and the points of each player, in addition to displaying the number of kills and details of the character.

Eighth: Steam Browser

As we mentioned, the platform has a Webkit system, through which you can browse the store and view the profiles of the players who are currently in the game. So that it has a high degree of safety and ease.

Ninth: Steam Support

In the end, the Steam platform provides users with an integrated technical support team, which makes the user able at any time to enter the technical support page and view the frequent and common questions, problems that they may face, and ways to overcome them. In addition, you can direct any inquiries by speaking with the support team.

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